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10 Clever Ways to Earn Cash Right Now!

10 Clever Ways to Earn Cash Right Now!

1. Sell your gift cards

If you have a give card or two laying around,  reach out to family and friends that maybe interested in buying your gift cards. Selling your card for $10.00 less than market value will definitely increase your chances of making a sell.

2. Sell books

Try to look for bookstores in your local area that will pay cash for books. If you have any text books laying around, I would advise selling those books to college stores in your area. If you are looking for the best place to sell your books, try Type in the book’s ISBN, and it’ll tell you the best platform to sell on.

3. Collect Debts

We all have that family member or a friend that owes us a couple of dollars for whatever reason. Even if asking for having of your debt is better than not asking at all. Your discount can be a motivating factor when collecting your debt.

4. Sell your old cell phone

I have sold a few cell phones on and they go pretty fast. Do you know that people will still pay for flip phones as well. Most of the cell phones that I sold on sold withing two weeks from the time I posted my ad.

5. Return purchases

I once bought a digital antenna and somehow I could not program the channels to the digital antenna. About two months later I found it in my closet with the receipt and returned it. I totally forgot about buying it. Most stores will let you return your item within a 3 month period provided you have your receipt of the purchase.

6. Sell other people things

A friend of mine thought she spent too much on a purse she bought, $300.00 to be exact. She asked if I would post it on and for her. She offered to pay me half of the amount sold.

Sell your clothes

Are you one of those people that buy a lot of clothes but barely were them. Try selling your clothes to stores like Buffalo Exchange. Check online to see if they are located in your area. Name brand clothing will earn you more cash.

Sell a freebie has a free section on their website. You can browse items that people are giving away for free in your local area. Once you obtain free items, try posting them back on craigslist for sale, or selling them to a pawn shop. I would prefer searching for items that are easily sold.

Increase your credit card limit

Provided you have not maxed out your credit card and you are keeping up with your monthly payments, apply for a credit limit increase. Most of the time creditors will be open to your request.

Borrow from family and friends

Although borrowing money from family and friends can be a touchy subject. Make sure you pay them back on time. Offer to pay a little interest on top of your debt and make sure you put your agreement in writing.


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