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4 Ways to Beat The Monday Blues

Prep Monday’s work on Friday

Small tedious tasks and duties can often cause you to get behind. That end of the week work rush at times maybe overwhelming. There is nothing like going home on a Friday knowing you will have a pile of work sitting on your desk on Monday. This can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Prepping on a Friday afternoon before heading home for the weekend will be very beneficial once Monday arrives. If Friday is not good. Clearing away your duties as soon as you arrive on Monday morning will give you a jump start to your day.

Think Positive Be Happy

Try to think of ways that will put you and your co-workers in a good mood. If you have a funny or exciting  story that happened to you over the weekend, try to bring that same energy to work on Monday morning. Everyone can use a good laugh, especially on a Monday. Also ask your co-workers if they would like your assistance in helping with their project. Your co-worker is sure to be in a positive move now that he or she is able to meet their deadline. In return your co-workers positive appreciation will also have a positive affect on you. When we see others happy, it seems to make us happy as well.


As soon as I jump out of the bed, every morning I am doing my jumping jack exercises. It gives me that boost of energy that I really needed to start my day. I have a certain alertness oppose to just getting out of the bed feeling groggy before jumping in the shower. Also follow your exercise with a healthy breakfast for more energy and stamina.

Go to bed early and get up early

Although it is hard for me to go to bed early, I do remember the few times I did. I actually woke up feeling well-rested with a lot of energy. Getting up early is also beneficial in giving you more preparation time before work. If I were only consuming about 3 hours of sleep. I am positive I would be incline to sleep in late, I would struggle to get up and therefore it would be a rough start to my Monday morning.

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