What We Can Learn From Allen Iverson's HOF Speech 1

What We Can Learn From Allen Iverson’s HOF Speech



As I sat on my couch, watching Allen Iverson’s Hall of Fame speech. I honestly felt his emotions and sincerity in his HOF speech. Of course no one is perfect, but there are a lot of positives that can come out off Allen Iverson’s journey that we all can learn from. Here are some things that was noticed from his HOF speech.

Not Being Too Proud To Beg

After Iverson’s convictions of a chair-throwing brawl at a bowling alley in Feb. 1993, prompted many division one college pulling back their scholarships from the high school football star. Iverson was most sought after for his football stardom and basketball. With very limited options, Iverson’s mother contacted college basketball coach John Thompson of Georgetown University and pleaded with him, asking to please give her son a chance to play basketball for Georgetown. The rest is history. Thank god for our black mothers.

Being Loyal To Those Who Watched Out

It is to be expected to thank your family and friends that were there for you before and after your success. Iverson also thanked  a long list of people that was behind him every step of the way, before and after his NBA career. Rather spend a lot of time talking about himself or NBA stories of the past. Iverson spent a majority of his speech thank people that was dear to his heart through the good and bad times.

Showing Your Emotions Is A Part Of Life

Several times during his HOF speech. Iverson’s voice would crack. You could almost feel his emotions and how thankful he was for the game of basketball. Although his lack of appreciation for practice has reached urban legend status. Iverson’s emotions confirmed his appreciation for his love of his fans,  basketball career, and his place into the NBA Hall of Fame.

Be Proud Of Who You Are (Claim It)

A lot of people have representatives. In this day and time, we rarely meet the real person. (especially when you are rich and famous). Everybody wants to be this or that instead of being themselves. Not Iverson, his Cornrows, Gold chains, Baggy jeans and sneakers was all cultivated from hip hop. The hip hop lifestyle actually took his brand to new heights. AI (Allen Iverson) was one of the NBA’s first celebrated hip hop star. Throughout his illustrious career, He never shied away or changed his persona. He took on all the criticism and remained true to who he was and didn’t apologize for it.  Congrats to AI, Allen Iverson (aka) The Answer.

Allen Iverson’s Hall of Fame speech


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