Ergonomic chair and office chair that evidently reduce back pain 1

Ergonomic chair and office chair that evidently reduce back pain

Ergonomic chair and office chair that evidently reduce back pain

Disclaimer – Sitting, much like smoking and/or drinking – can lead to life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and other deadly diseases.

The standard disclaimer may or may not ring sarcastically true in this context, but it’s no secret doing a desk job for over 6-8 hours a day is enough to ruin your health.

This is especially the case if you have poor office chairs that don’t necessarily provide the basic amenities such as a backrest, armrest, lumbar support and so forth. Truth be told there is no way around but to endure such occupational hazards. And, since there is no such thing called the chair for all; one can only rely on the ergonomic aspect that tries to offset most repercussions of couch-potato sitting.

The Comfort of Ergonomic Chairs: The main reason for having back pain while sitting in a chair, points fingers to the important facet of sitting i.e., posture.

An ergonomic chair is different from standard variants in the way in which lets you tweak the height of the chair accordingly, give more depth at the ‘bottom’ and enable a better viewing angle from the back. Back pain occurs if you don’t sit upright and steady and more specifically so when one doesn’t quite act like a man. Most ergonomic chairs have curved backrests that let you slant your body into the chair and find that all elusive sweet spot.

Although there are other obvious points to be discussed too like choosing the right seat padding, width and depth of the seating etc., – these are the four main features in an ergonomic chair which goes a long way into reducing back spasms.

  • Seat Height Adjustment

Most ergonomic chairs have seat adjustment levers that let you tweak the viewing angles from a variety of positions. You can either tilt your seat, synchronize the seat and back, work on the depth of the seat if only to find a sweet spot.

An optimal seat height is one that helps you sit upright and steady with your feet laying firmly on the ground, hamstrings at-par with the stomach and rather widely stretched too. People are not of the same height as such, unless you have worked on recruiting people of specific ethnicity and same built.

  • Back Rest and lumbar support

The pelvic tilt in an ergonomic chair lets you tilt the back chair much like how recliners do it. A lumbar support gives you a cushion for your lower back and a layback option goes a long into eliminating back spasms. Most backrests in an ergonomic chair adapt accordingly to the shape of your body. And, an ideal backrest is one that keeps things on an even keel, with your posture not moving too further back or too forward. In other words, one that doesn’t quite make you be a slouch.

  • Swivel Option

An ergonomic chair with roller balls enables you to move around in full circles and reach an important office staple from an arm-stretch. This not only gives a good cut-out exercise for your entire back but also helps to avoid the shock of hearing a sudden peek-a-boo from the back that often results in jittery movements and loss of control. Choosing static ergonomic chairs over roller chairs have an advantage in that they avoid unnecessary movements. But, as the saying goes what could be said as a boon for one person might as well cause bane for the other.

  • Armrest

Most people prefer to sit on a chair that has armrests in it. It is important to check whether the armrest is suitable as per the height of the user initially itself, especially because these things remain parallelly poised w.r.t the seat recliner. And, hence if there is a variation that proves to be a miss-fit for the respective user height wise – it would prove to be rather counterproductive.

Buying Options: The top selling brands of Ergonomic chairs are: Herman Miller – which offer you style and comfort at a price point that may or may not endanger your pocket money.

Comfort Operator chairs the cost of which would slant right into your pockets and even the office.

HAG Capisco saddle chairs – which promises a better body posture and movement.

And, the so-called balancing ball chair concept which uses the stimulation of a large ball that can be assembled and dissembled with a stool chair. When it comes to buying products that are ergonomic, economics shouldn’t necessarily play a big part in this.

Author-bio: Sreejith Mullappilly is an MBA marketing grad, plus a content writing aspirant at A Square Peg in a round hole; he likes to vent his feelings and frustration by writing elaborate blogs especially on Cinema and Sports.


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