35 Black Mom's Favorite Lines 1

35 Black Mom’s Favorite Lines



35 Black Mom's Favorite Lines


1. Do you have McDonald’s Money?

2. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

3. Look we’re goin in this store. Don’t ask for nothing, Don’t look for nothing, Don’t touch nothing, cause you aint getting nothing.

4. Keep crying and I’ll give you something to cry about.

5. I’m not your little friends.

6. I brought you in this world and I will take you out.

7. Don’t answer the telephone or door while I am gone.

8. You better answer me when I’m talking to you.

9. Tell them little girls to stop call my house all late.

10. Keep y’all asses of my furniture.

11. Are you deaf? I know you here me.

12. What bill you pay around here.

13. Did you take the chicken out like I told you?

14. Stay out of grown folks business.

15. Turn the dang lights out. You running up my bill.

16. Oh you forgot, well you better remember.

17. Get yo ass out of my pot.

18. You look just like your dang daddy.

19. You heard what I said, keep it up here.

20. It’s broad daylight turn off the lights.

21. Get yo fast ass in the house.

22. Oh so you wanna be grown huh?

23. You better watch your tone.

24. You don’t belive fat meat is greasy huh.

25. Go sit your narrow behind down somewhere.

26. Try me if you want.

27. A hard head make a soft behind.

28. You think I’m a dam fool.

29. Stop running in and out of my damn house.

30. Close that dang screen door.

31. Do I look like I am made of money.

32. If your friends jump off the bridge are you gonna jump too.

33. Ask me again here (code for you better not ask me nothing)

34. Pop that gum again, Imma snatch yourlips off your mouth.

35. Stop opening and closing that dang refrigerator.



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