3 Tips To Promote Your Website Or Business 1

3 Tips To Promote Your Website Or Business

3 Tips To Promote Your Website Or Business

The beautiful thing about social media is that it’s free. Well to a certain extent. Another great thing about the internet involves creating various content without any expense. From videos, to written content, podcasts etc. Once you’ve chosen which content format you are willing to create, starting sharing your content on social media outlets to gain more traffic to your blog or podcast program.

  • Share your content on social media

I write a lot of articles on BlackCoffy.com. Afterwards I posted them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I try to post my content everywhere, even on Pinterest every once in a while.

  • Forums

I am not big on forums, but they have great resources that can help with promoting your website. Google whatever niche you are in (marketing) and search for marketing forums. Respond to questions that pertains to your expertise. Once you have responded to questions, In the footer/signature of each of your forum responses put in your URL (BlackCoffy.com) This should bring more visitors and traffic to your website or business.

  • Quora

I really like this website Quora.com. It is very informative and well put together. Go to Quora and type in all the questions that people may ask that’s in your space or particular niche. There are a ton of questions and the most popular questions have a lot of votes. Once you engage and answer questions, people will be encouraged to follow you on Quora and also visit your website. This is a great way to leverage Quora’s traffic to generate traffic back to your website and gain subscribers and visitors as well.





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