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James Chestnut & Associates, Inc.

Black Entrepreneur Spotlight Series

James Chestnut & Associates, Inc. 2


We would greatly appreciate it if you could tell us a little about your company.

Founded over 30 years ago, James Chestnut & Associates, Inc. is a network of professionals, led by James Chestnut III, committed to serving Churches and Nonprofit organizations, of all sizes, nationwide, with economical and confidential consulting, payroll, accounting, and tax filing services. For years God has blessed our firm to be able to provide top-notch consulting services to the nonprofit sector, and making us experts at helping organizations obtain and maintain their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

What was your child hood aspirations?

I thought I had that talent to play professional basketball.

Can you give our readers a quick answer on business advice?

It really does take money to make money. Own your own business by any means necessary.

What was your toughest challenge?

Getting divorced after only one year of marriage was devastating for me, and a life challenge that could have easily done me in; but God had a better plan.




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