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President Trumps Divisive Comments Overshadows Kaepernick’s Initial Protest Message

President Trumps Divisive Comments Overshadows Kaepernick's Initial Protest Message

Has the narrative changed this past weekend? Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest was about social injustice, police violence against African Americans, and racial inequality in America. Trumps controversial comments over the weekend stirred up a lot of noise, or should I say a distraction from the real message.

Mainstream media across the board is in a quandry. Headline stories on should players kneel for the national anthem? Should players stand? Are they showing true patriotism to the flag etc? President Trumps divisive comments has brought African Americans closer together, regardless of our economic status. At the end of the day we are all black.

As African Americans unity continues to grow stronger, we must remember the narrative of various social injustices in America. President Trump has made Kaepernick national anthem protest more about politics than about police constantly killing black men and women without merit.

In a perfect world, the NFL owners should have united with Kaepernick and other NFL players a year ago when Kaepernick started his nation anthem protest. I would like to ask everyone, particularly African Americans. Please do not commend NFL owners in their stance with the players on this past Sunday? This was about the NFL owner’s bottom line. This is all about business. From the owner’s perspective, this had nothing to do with social injustices in the African American communities.

The NFL is a billion dollar business and the NFL owners cannot afford to have their business disrupted by anyone, rather it is the President of the United States or whomever. This practice by the NFL owners makes perfect sense. They must protect their business no matter what.

Kaepernick’s national anthem stance turned off most of the NFL’s fans (which are of caucasian decent) corporate sponsors, and some military veterans. We know this is bad for business for the NFL. We all know this is the reason Colin Kaepernick was black balled from the league. President Trump’s comments were harsh, idiotic and insensitive (nothing new) and this was bad business for the NFL owners as well.

The NFL owners will not speak up for social, racial and economic equalities in the African American communities, but they are willing to stand in solidarity with NFL players to keep their business and bottom line intact. NFL owners dare to piss off or upset their players/employees due to the President’s outlandish bullheaded comments. With the league being over 70% African American, NFL owners know this will threaten the industry.

So, if you think the narrative was lost when Kaepernick started his national anthem stance a year ago, it is now somewhat burried in the ashes. Unfortunately, President Trump has politicized and polarized the national anthem so much, we as black people are still asking, what about the message and the meaning behind Kaepernick’s initial national anthem stance? We as African Americans are wondering, will his message ever be addressed by the masses?

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