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3 Best office chairs for back pain

The evidence is there, “stuck in a chair” for more than a day’s worth of work is hard on your shoulders and back when working at the office. The culprit, the infamous office chair; increasing doctor’s visits, building up hospital bills, countless pain pills, and loss of sleep. Not only does cardiovascular disease creep up on you by the day, it’s symptoms are dreadful: the numbness, the joint pain and the numbness in certain areas of your back, the neck pain and herniated discs along with misalignment of your spine can only drive you back to the medicine cabinet.

It’s a known fact that sitting too much, without getting up every once in a while (i.e. 30 minutes, 3 hours), to relieve your back from stress and tension is critical. The National Institute of Health has recommendations for such problems. Productivity goes up more than 15% when office workers have a safer ergonomic setting and environment to work in; second, ergonomic chairs bring about healthier mindsets at work and home; and thirdly, individuals attendance improves in the long run.

Factors to consider

Some of the best office chairs for back pain have the following:

– Casters and a 5-point base, a seat pan with dense, small-cell foam padding or coils

– A curved backrest, small to fit the lower portion of your back

– Comfortable, soft armrests to support proper posture the ability to adjust height and width of chair

– Hydraulic seats with special features such as heat adjustments

– Tilt adjustments for body weight adjusting which will then transfer to the backrest.

– Top Office Chairs: back pain prevention

The CT9400 Premium Orthopedic Mesh Back Office Chair

An ideal office that was voted one of the best because of the relief on the back, the tailbone, and the pelvic areas. The patent seat design, approximately 2.5″ wide, can be elevated for targeting the right areas of the spine and pelvic area. This eliminates upward pressure when sitting, a common factor for those with shoulder and neck pain causing the entire back to burn and get those ‘tingling sensations’ up and down, along the spine. The seat is approximately 19-3/8″W x 17-1/4″D x 4″ and is thick with a back sized at 19-1/2″ W x 20″ H.41VrhFVe4CL._SX300_

The chair weights about 250 lbs. and recommended for short (5’2), as well as tall people. The unique upholstery made of a “web mesh” material, allows ventilation. With tilt-tension control and tilt locks, seat height and width adjustments, adjustable arm width and height adjustments, and ratchet-style back height adjustments make it a premier office chair for back pain prevention.

The CTB94 Premium Orthopedic Mesh Back Office Chair relieves back pain, tailbone pain and pelvic pain.

Another ideal office chair for preventing back pain and with the standard targets of  elevating the back, the tailbone, and the pelvic areas. Patented seat design with 2.5″ wide recessed channel; elevates the spine and pelvis floor eliminating upward pressure when sitting.

Some similar attributes of the CTB400, like arm rests adjustments, back height/width adjustments…etc.

Office Star Breathable Woven Mesh Back and Leather Seat with Built-in Lumbar Support Office Chair, Black

With a ventilating mesh material which covers the back, it has an adjustable lumbar support element and has a light weight of only 42 pounds; but, it’s the adjustable lumbar support that makes it a great chair for back pain

It measures 20 x 22 x 26 inches and has a thick padded leather seat and 1-touch pneumatic adjuster for the right width and height and comes with carpet casters and dual wheels. Lock controls keeps it from rolling off adjustments, and the armrests are safe and can change in length and width.  It is also made with heavy duty nylon base.

The CTB94 Premium Orthopedic Mesh Back Office Chair

This indeed is the premium of office chairs, a little pricey but if you’re one of those that have acute and extreme pack pain already, this one is perfect for you! It has the same adjustments on the seat for height and width; also, the armrests are adjustable.41VrhFVe4CL._SX300_

With a seat designed with a 2.5″ wide recessed channel, it is adjustable for the lower part of the back and spines floor elevation; also eliminating upward pressure to the shoulders and neck, plus overall back while sitting. Its measurements are 19-3/8″W x 17-1/4″D x 4″ The back is sized at 19-1/2″ W x 20″ H while weighing 250 pounds.

The Steelcase Amia Chair

With 4-Way adjustable armrests, standard carpet casters with upholstered seats, the Amia Chair has premier lumbar technology that contours to fit snugly against the spine, lower and upper. The support is a dream, with the Indoor Advantage Gold certified from Scientific Certification Systems. Up to 97% recyclable and can handle up to 300 lbs. (tested for prime support).x_seating_all-seating_amia-chair_reference

Other chairs that you may want to consider are the Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller, The VIVA OFFICE Bonded Leather Thick Padded High Back Managerial Chair which comes in light grey or black, the Office Star Breathable Woven Mesh Back and Fabric Seat with Adjustable Lumbar Support Office Chair and the Essentials by OFM, an executive-style office chair, a top of the line in office furniture.

For any back solutions: ergonomic chairs for the office, even a home office, is a healthy investment all around. Normally, you wouldn’t want to spend a dime on a great chair for the office, but the investment is more for your productivity, your health, and the comfort of your spine as well as your mind. Finally, a “poor-quality” chair with no back support as a result will cause you to lose sleep, loose hours at work, and health problems.



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