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3 Ways To Grow Your Audience

 3 Ways To Grow Your Audience

Promote your content

Promoting your content can be a tedious task, but I advise you to promote your post everywhere.  It is vital that you share all of your post on your social media outlets, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, & google plus etc. This will also help you generate more readers to your blog/website.

Emailing your list

After building my first website, I pretty much ignored trying to obtain an email subscriber list.  I thought it was an ineffective practice with very minimal results. Unfortunately I was wrong. If you do nothing else after building your website, please develop an email subscriber list. After finally developing an email subscriber list. I just so happen to email out my first newsletter. To my surprise, I checked my google analytics the same day and noticed there was an increasingly high amount of traffic that visited my site.

Post Consistent Quality Content

I must admit, I am not a writer at all. Trying to write your own quality content can be a tough task for some. Outsourcing your content is always an option. It is very important to hire writers that will produce quality content for your blog/website. I try to publish at least one blog post a week. It is important to keep your blog current. Having your visitors come back weekly to read your blog/website can be encouraging.

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