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Tariq Nasheed Networth 2018 – 2019

Tariq Nasheed Networth 2018 - 2019 2Tariq Nasheed, better known as “king flex” or “Tariq elite” is an American film producer, author, public speaker, and a media personality. Born in the city of Detroit on 1 July 1974, Tariq’s rise to fame began with the authoring of his books on relationships and how to deal with them.

According to him, there are certain dating techniques that should be applied in the dating and relationship scene, called “G.I.C.2” (game, intelligence, and common sense squared). This set him up as a “game advisor” and would teach these G.I.C.2 techniques to men and women through his book, “The Art of Mackin”, which went on to sell over 250,000 copies. Tariq then released a follow-up book, “Play Or Be Played”, which was aimed at teaching women the “game” and at the same time teaching men on how to get what they want from women.

In 2011, Tariq released a documentary film series called, “Hidden Colors”, whose main focus is on the history of African American people. The series has five follow-ups, with the latest released in 2017. He also directed, the horror film, “Dark Horror”, which was released in 2013. Apart from his successful career as a director, Tariq has appeared on several talk shows like MTV’s Made, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; where he discusses a variety of topics, from relationship, politics, and finance. Currently, Nasheed does sell out shows across the country and has a popular podcast, called “The Mack Lessons Radio Show” that boasts of over 100,000 listeners.

Owing to his successful career as keynote public speaker, film director, and author, Tariq Nasheed has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars. Through his sheer hard work and determination that has seen him earn a spot in the entertainment industry, his salary and wages continue to grow from his profession as a designer of a variety of sunglasses and signature colognes, “Tariq elite” and ‘”Risque Elite

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