4 Most Stunning Global Places to visit in the Winter

Who wouldn’t love to hibernate and flee the cold times of this winter? Some love to get all cozied up and stay inside their homes sipping on warm teas. Others love to embrace this cold time of the year by visiting some stunning places worldwide. If you fall into the latter category, we have you all covered. Pack your bags, get your tickets, and get one of the antler carry on luggage at Sydney Luggage Australia. The below-given list includes 4 of the most stunning places to visit in the winter.

 Whitefish (Montana)

4 Most Stunning Global Places to visit in the Winter

This unusual town is perfect for a skiing getaway. An enormous ski resort is positioned on Big Mountain with the inclusion of bustling shops. That said, you won’t feel bored once there as there is plenty to do, explore, and see. If you are fond of winter photography, you can find amazing scenic views of the mountain range and the adjacent lake. However, the real focus of attention is the winter festival that is hosted at Whitefish every year. If you are a big fan of joring, then visiting this place is a must.

  Svalbard (Norway)

4 Most Stunning Global Places to visit in the Winter

This little mining town has its own beautiful asset of the stunning Northern lights. Since this makes it the northernmost inhabited area of Norway, you are less likely to get any higher than this town. Because of its high parallel location, this town is also most famous for Polar nights’ mesmerizing experience. These nights occur between the span of mid-November until the end of January. In case you don’t know, the sun never rises during this period. The brightest the day can get here during this period resembles the shade of blue twilight. The lack of sun rays causes visitors to experience aurora borealis.

Gullfoss (Iceland)

4 Most Stunning Global Places to visit in the Winter

Situated in the canyon of the river Hvita, the Gullfoss waterfall is a sight for sore eyes. This waterfall is fed by the second-largest Icelandic glacier, the Langjökull. Undoubtedly, Gullfoss looks stunningly beautiful in the summers. However, in the winter, it gets more impressive as the waterfall tends to freeze partially. The waterfall’s shades and hues vibrate between turquoise and blue, while the surrounding rocks reflect silver ice and white snow. There might be not so much to do in the area except looking and admiring the waterfall, and, of course, taking pictures. Many visitors claim that the Gullfoss waterfall’s beauty is so mesmerizing that it is worth the trip.


Mammoth Cave National Park (Kentucky, USA)

4 Most Stunning Global Places to visit in the Winter

If you are familiar with human history, you should know that the Mammoth Cave is one of the world’s most extended cave systems. This intricate cave system offers a warm shelter for all refugees hiding from the harsh cold weather outside. You can enjoy a fantastic tour while zig-zagging through the caves. Tourism might slow a bit down during the cold winter season. However, it shouldn’t stop you from exploring the beauty of this mesmerizing geological wonder. The stunning views of the insides of the caves also allow for an adventurous photography session.



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