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4 Ways to Fight Robo-calls at Home

4 Ways to Fight Robo-calls at Home

Robocalls (meaning automated messages by entities with typically less than scrupulous intentions) are becoming a serious problem. With over 16 billion of them occurring in just the beginning of last year, it’s enough to make you question why you even have a phone sometimes. You’re not helpless in this fight against automated calling, though. To protect yourself from scams or other nefarious plots, here are four ways to fight robocalls at home.

1. Reporting

If you’ve been on the receiving end of a robocall in recent memory, one way to prevent this from happening to anyone else would be to report the number to your service provider. Many of the major cellphone carriers in the United States already have certain systems in place to filter out automated spam calls, but things do fall through the cracks from time to time. By reporting the number, you can prevent them from contacting you or anyone else again.

2. Check the Number

Beyond just not answering your phone anymore, one way to ensure you’re not picking up robocalls is to check the number before carelessly answering. If it’s someone you recognize, then do as you normally would. Unfamiliar numbers are more of an issue, especially if you’re waiting on a call from someone you don’t know. For this try a phone lookup service to potentially identify whoever calls you before you have to answer.

3. Block Numbers

In your frustration to hang up, you might forget the simplest route to making sure a number can’t find you again – blocking it. Basically every cellphone has some way to block numbers, so there shouldn’t be any issue in simply blocking a number that calls you and is irritating. The key is mostly just remembering to do so.

4. Call Them Back

It might sound counterintuitive, but sometimes the best solution to dealing with robocalls is to take things right to the source. While it may be a machine that leaves you the initial message, there is likely an actual phone or some other service on the opposite end. Calling that number back has the chance of you getting the attention of the person on the other end, at which point you’ll likely frighten then so badly they’ll take you off their call list without even answering given how unused to confrontation these people are.

In Conclusion

While robocalls likely aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, you can still fight back in your own way to make your phone lines a less cluttered and irritating space. Try out these four tips to help cut down on the number of calls you’re accidentally answering.


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