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47 Black Owned Coffee/Tea Shops in the U.S.

47 Black Owned Coffee/Tea Shops in the U.S. 2

Christopher Rashard and mother, Orgena Keener, co-owners of Kaffeine Coffee

As black people, we constantly endure various challenges. Although not as serious as other challenges in life, venturing around department stores, shopping malls, and coffee shops can be a difficult situation at times. We continue to worry if a store employee is stalking us, if they are going to call the police or security on us and in some instances, just be downright disrespectful and nasty to us. Maybe we should seek out places that will welcome us with open arms.

I am sure an $83 billion corporation such as Starbucks doesn’t deserve our money. It’s funny how a dim situation in life can help put a light or a beautiful shine on other life situations. People, Black People! We do have alternatives. Did you know there are 47 owned black coffee/tea shops in the United States? Don’t feel bad, neither did I.

Please click on the link and find your local black owned coffee/tea shop in your area and show them a lot of support. Let’s turn this negative Starbucks issue into a positive one by supporting our own.

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