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5 Fashion Trends for African Summer Style

5 Fashion Trends for African Summer Style

It’s always exciting to explore the new styles that we can sport come the warmer days. After all, summer is when you can make the rules and be a little more playful with your look. The last year of the 2010s saw more African designers than ever capturing the best of the country’s unique and vibrant styles.

With it came a variety of trends that are perfect for the season. In this post, we’ll explore the hottest trends for 2020 that are synonymous with African summer. Whether you’re looking to stay cool during your nights out or keep it fresh at the beach, these trends are sure to do the trick.

Kimono Dresses

5 Fashion Trends for African Summer Style

Few garments are as pretty as one of Japan’s most iconic and historic pieces of fashion. Opt for a comfortable, calf-length design and dress it up or down depending on the occasion. While available in satin and embroidered materials, silk is ultimately the best choice for adding a summery breeze to your ensemble.

Designer Sneakers

5 Fashion Trends for African Summer Style

Adding a pair of designer kicks into the mix is a great way to elevate more casual outfits this summer. With so many brands and silhouettes to choose from, now is a better time than ever to splurge on some luxury sneakers. As for which fashion house to opt for, the likes of Balenciaga, Versace and of course, Gucci, are all solid choices.

Finding a pair isn’t always the easiest task, which is why it’s better to head online for your designer sneaker shopping needs. For instance, SSENSE offers a wide range of different Gucci shoes, including the timeless Ace silhouette. With fast shipping and an endless supply of designer brands to shop, it’s well worth checking out.

Lace Floral Print


5 Fashion Trends for African Summer Style

Light, vibrant and easy to wear, lace is the perfect way to complement the season’s outfits. The key is to pick a versatile style, fabric, and color. Create contrast by pairing lace prints with other designs, such as geometrical crochet prints. Let the patterns do the talking with monochrome tones or add some vibrancy with light pink, blue and yellow hues.



5 Fashion Trends for African Summer Style

White has for long remained the definitive color for summer and 2020 is no exception. Whether you’re walking on the beach or tearing up the streets, all-white ensembles have the ability to keep it clean and simple while still being chic. And that’s not even mentioning how great your accessories will look.


5 Fashion Trends for African Summer Style

While the trend has been around forever, it’s only in more recent years that designers have become more creative with denim when it comes to cuts and tones. Shorts, pants, and skirts in every shape and size are now an option, making denim a reliable choice for summer 2020.


There are many great ways to complete your outfits this summer, especially when it comes to African jewelry. The Ndebele choker is a bold and luxurious example. Think sun hats, beaded collars and gold-tone hardware – and don’t forget about sunglasses.

Summer is the perfect time to explore different styles and try something new. Make a statement this season and don’t forget to keep cool.

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