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5 Good Signs When Dating A New Person

5 Good Signs When Dating A New PersonWhen dating a new person, there are several signs of deal breaker moments that can be easily identified. It is kind of like the cliche’ Someone can easily find ten negatives before spotting a positive in each other.

What about all of  the good things that can be found on a first date. Oh no my brothers & sisters, we must not ignore the bad signs, red flags or deal breakers. Instead, lets try to focus on good signs about each other.

Having close people in your corner

Having a close support system of family and friends that has been in your corner for years, speaks highly about you as a person. It shows that you are someone that will be there through the hard times in your friends/families life.

Being Thoughtful

At the time, I was a single father of a 8 & 5 year old boys, So my date decided to meet me at my place before we went out on our date. It was around Halloween, when she arrived, she brought all kind of candies and goodies for my sons. I’ve never forgotten that moment.


Listening can be a bit tough. Everyone has something to say and express to the world. “Let My Voice Be Heard”. We hear a lot, but do we take time to listen and acknowledge what the other person is saying. Listening and cordially conversing with each other, opens up a more thorough engaging conversation for parties.


Meeting someone that is positive takes so much pressure off of a first date for me. Personally I love being around people with an outgoing positive personality. It can be addictive, and I definitely feed off of those good vibes. Things tend to go a lot smoother. No anxiety or tension, just positive energy in the airwaves.


You can really get a since of who people are by the way they treat strangers. It is very easy to be polite around family and friends (not all the time). If you are on a dinner date, observe your dates’s mannerism. See how they interact and treat others. How they respond to the Hostess or servers during dinner.

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