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5 low budget Beauty Tips for the Everyday Black Woman

 5 low budget Beauty Tips for the Everyday Black Woman

5 low budget Beauty Tips for the Everyday Black Woman

All my sistas out there, first of all, be proud of your dark skin and unique looks. Today, there are many more beauty products and styling techniques made available especially for the African American women. Now, you can have the perfect hair, skin and makeup and all you need to follow are the following tips on skin care and beauty that are sure to work and are cost-effective as well. It is essential to understand that Black and African American hair and skin are delicate and thus needs special care and attention.

Eat healthy, sleep well and exercise – Take care of your body and skin from the inside first. All you need to do is watch what you eat and go for regular walks or yoga. Drink loads of water and sugar-free beverages for a cleaner immune system that can help build a healthier and clearer skin.

Use natural beauty products for skin and hair – You can make a mix of different oils that are readily available on your kitchen shelves, such as coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil and olive oil. Make a mix of them to massage your hair and skin daily. You are sure to get a great looking skin within weeks! Do not forget to wear a sunscreen.

Makeup to make heads turn – Your unique face, its features, and undertones need a careful makeup application. Be careful to choose and apply makeup and go for classic and trendy colors that suit your skin and tone. Enhance those beautiful lips and eyes and use the power of light and shadow to create a perfect face. With the right products and tips, plus lots of practice, one can get perfect in their makeup skills.

Shower in some lukewarm water – Most dark skinned girls are not aware, but they can benefit from a lukewarm shower instead of the hot, hot one. The lukewarm water does not rob the skin of its valuable moisture and keeps it well hydrated, while the hot water can dry out your skin.

Regular skin care – Another essential beauty tip for the black women out there is to take good care of their skin. Use a light moisturizer and keep the oil under control. The skin stays fresh if one uses a toner daily. Make use of face masks out there to keep your skin beautiful. Scrub down your face or exfoliate once a week

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