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The 5 most recognized defense mechanisms


The 5 most recognized defense mechanisms

A self-defense mechanism is a person’s subconscious way of dealing with a certain event, emotion or feeling that did not go his or her way therefore bringing with it some undesirable consequences. There are some basic ways in which a person can deal with them and they are as follows.


Denial is a self-defense mechanism a person employs when a situation occurs that may prove too much for the person to handle and by denying reality they avert the consequences or pain brought about by the occurrence and therefore denial occurs when there if plain refusal to accept reality.


Repression is a basic self-defense mechanism where memories, feelings or emotions that are deemed to be unacceptable to the conscious mind are pushed and hidden away in the subconscious. Memories are unconsciously blocked, in a bid to avert the pain associated with it.


Sublimation can be described as a positive or productive way of channeling your feelings or emotions. It involves processing the emotions and turning them around in a productive manner. For example after breaking up with your spouse you channel the anger and sadness into writing songs so as to deal with the emotion.


Displacement is a defense mechanism is employed where a person subconsciously transfers anger and emotions from the object of their frustration to something or someone else mostly occurs whenever confronting the object of our anger or emotion proves to be way too dangerous, you therefore transfer that anger to a person or object that cannot pose any threat to us in any way .


Rationalization is a defense mechanism where by a person tries to justify or explain his or her behavior or attitude, such that it may be seen as acceptable and people may deem the behavior or attitude as being correct in that particular circumstance. Basically this is just an excuse for your actions.

Defense mechanisms can prove to be useful over the short term period for the essential preservation of the ego but on a few occasions the occurrences, may subconsciously triggered by objects, places or even a person and this may persist. Therefore it is essential to effectively deal matters that trigger our defenses.

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