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5 Signs That She Isn’t Committed In A Relationship

A healthy relationship is often determined by the level of commitment of both partners towards each other. Nevertheless, the extent of the devotion of a woman determines how far a relationship can go. The following signs should signal to you that she is not committed to being in a relationship with you.

  • Poor response to messages and calls

If she declines to reply to your messages and calls without any valid reasons, then she is on her way out. In addition, if she spends limited time chatting with you, then she is prioritizing other people or her own issues other than your relationship. If she rarely initiates phone conversations, she is less concerned.

  • No future plans

A committed woman must pose questions about marriage, children and overall family matters. Making decisions about the future together indicates that your relationship is realistic about life. You know that she is not committed to spending the rest of her life with you if she is hesitates to make such plans.

  • Rarely pays visits

Surely, a loving woman must plan to meet you regularly no matter how pressing her schedules are. The strength of your relationship will be determined by the time you spend together. Healthy relationships decisions are reached by physical interaction. You realize that she is not committed when hardly plans of visiting you even after visiting her regularly.

  • Unwilling to present you to family and friends

When she is not brave and proud enough to introduce you her family, relatives, and friends, then she is uncomfortable with your relationship or has other hidden romantic affairs.

  • Quits vital relationship topics

You know she is not committed if she does not raise or contribute to important discussions such as wishes, likes, dislikes, and matters of honesty and integrity. If she quickly diverges from such topics, then she is not interested in the relationship.

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