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5 Unhealthy Habits That Are As Bad for You As Smoking

5 Unhealthy Habits That Are As Bad for You As Smoking

Smoking cigarettes or bang is known to be one of the unhealthiest habit. However, there are other unhealthy habits that are just as bad. We tend to overlook these habits and are so comfortable with them yet they are so dangerous. These habits among others include insufficient sleep, drinking soft drinks, using the wrong vegetable oils, sitting all day and indoor tanning as discussed below.

  1. Insufficient sleep

Feeling grumpy is usually the only spontaneous negative effects of lack of enough sleep. Prolonged inadequate sleep often puts us at a risk of suffering many serious medical issues. What lack of sleep does to us is suppress our mental well-being. This eventually causes long term mood disorders such as anxiety. To avoid serious medical problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes among others, it is advisable to have averagely 8 hours of night sleep daily.

  1. Drinking soft drinks

A cold carbonated beverage popularly known as soda seems good for a hot sunny day. However, occasional consumption of soft drinks is not healthy. Due to its high level of sugar, regular consumption may often lead high risks of increased body mass index. Such high calorie beverages put us at a risk of developing tooth decay. Additionally, with their high levels of sugar they easily put us at a risk of suffering from chronic dehydration.

  1. Using the wrong vegetable oil

Vegetable oils are often used when cooking but we barely know that they are not as healthy as we tend to think. This is because unnatural vegetable oil processed from seeds such as sunflower are unhealthy for consumption. They often raise the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases among others.

  1. Indoor tanning

A lot of people tend to think that indoor tanning is the best way of getting vitamin D. On the contrary, this is far from the truth. A lot of exposure to indoor ultraviolet rays is harmful. This is because such rays not only cause changes in our skin texture but may also lead to eye blindness. Indoor tanning may sometimes lead to the most dangerous type of skin cancer called melanoma.

  1. Sitting all day.

As opposed to sitting, standing helps us loss a percentage of calories in our bodies. Staying fixed in a particular position for a long period of time is another unhealthy habit that we consider less serious. We do it all day at work without knowing what effects it could have on our health. Certain cancers that may lead to premature deaths are just some of the negative effects.

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