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7 Exercises You Can Do Right In Your Chair!

A lot of people consider office work as a level up or career move. For individuals who used to work at McDonald’s or convenience stores where they have to be on their feet all day, working at the comfort of an office is a welcome change. It is a better status and a more dignified line of work. That may be true by society’s standards, but health-wise, it is apparently better to be working on your feet for more hours every day than spending it sitting down.

Surprisingly, man was not built to sit around all day. He was meant to be active and constantly lifting objects rather than just working using his mind. Studies have revealed that being seated triggers the onset of serious problems such as heart disease, hypertension, circulation issues and diabetes. It also makes a person more likely to become obese even if he exercises regularly. The more time he spends sitting down instead of moving around, the more he is making his organs and systems to suffer.

This is a difficult position to be in since office work requires us to sit at our desks for about eight hours a day. Bosses don’t like it when employees move around too much or take frequent breaks. However, they too need to know that being seated for extended periods is bad for their health. It is also important to start moving more in order to wake up the sleeping cells in your body and jolt them back to activity. What if you could exercise right from your desk? This would allow you to get up from your chair for a few minutes every couple of hours.

Among the exercises you can do are leg lifts. Circulation is important because it ensures that blood gets to all the organs of the body. It is not enough to just elevate your legs while you’re at your desk. You can do leg lifts and stretches without being too obvious to everyone else.

Next are head and shoulder rotations and stretching. These are very important because the neck and shoulders become stiff and sore from being hunched over the computer all day. By rotating your neck and shoulders, some of the tension is eased and the muscles relax. These movements also alleviate pain in the neck and shoulder area.

Since it’s important to get up every couple of hours, you can also try doing side stretches as well as hamstring stretches and curls. Again, these are exercises meant to restore circulation of your feet and legs. They also allow you to extend your back and correct your posture. The advantage of doing these at your workstation is that you can still keep an eye on the processes that you are running. You’ll be able to see messages on Skype or check if any emails come in while you do your exercises.

It really takes only a few minutes to break the monotony of sitting down, and you’ll be doing wonders for your body. This carefully-researched visual will teach you seven effective exercises you can do right at your chair. Feel free to improvise and add a few more!

7 Exercises You Can Do Right In Your Chair!

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