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8 Black hair braid styles

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Black hair braid styles

Black hair braid styles are not only eye-catching but a nice way to forget about hair styling for months. One can give their head and hair respite from environmental factors and other beauty regimens. Those awesome hairstyles are sure to attract attention and get sincere smiles from onlookers. It is time to experiment with your creativity and show some great results with your hair. After all, there are many interesting techniques for braiding black hair that is sure to make heads turn. Go ahead and create curly texture, intricate patterns or interesting shapes with your hair, as you braid them.

There is a long history behind the African braiding styles. With a little practice, just about anyone can become an expert with the new hair braiding styles.

Long single braids
Those long singles braids look both beautiful as well as sweet and sassy. You can even add a bit of color to your hairstyle with a blend of dirty blonde and black. Now you are ready to go out every weekend and with an awesome hairstyle.

Chunky cornrow braids
Also referred to as goddess braids these are a great way to give you hair a break, especially if you are going for a beach vacation. There is no need to worry about hair styling for days. The best part is that the braiding style is very easy to do and doesn’t take long.

Triangle Parted Box Braids
The bold braided hairstyle is very popular, especially among the young and modern women. The box braids are easiest to make, and one can create new styles by experimenting with parting or changing the size of the braids.

Braided Bun
Brid those lovely black hair and roll them up in a neat bun for a classic look. The trend is catching on not just with the older women but, the younger lot too. The micro braids are rolled up in a fun twist on the head.

Feed-in Braids
This is a nice way to make cornrow hairstyles look less bulky and more natural. Feed-in Braids method creates a narrow and flat point at the hairline. Moreover, there is less tension near the hair roots and more protection for the edges.

Braided Ponytail
Braided Ponytail is one of the most current Black hair braid styles as it looks clique and classy. This is an interesting way to create protective styles, as braiding hair can feel heavy sometimes. However, tying them neatly behind in a ponytail does the trick and is perfect for a casual updo.

Boxer braids
Another of the popular black braided hairstyles is the double braided look with the addition of a fishtail braid. The center-parted crown with fishtail looks great because of the addition of a fishtail braid plus the platinum blonde streaks.

Jumbo Coil with Braids
Turn heads with this jumbo coil with braids. Try patterning of the plaits as the basis for a design instead of a standard bun. The bold coil stands out because of the chevron look, and the hairstyle looks fabulous for any occasion.

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