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8 Funniest Black Standup Comedians

In no particular order

Redd Foxx

8 funniest black standup comedians

Known for stardom on “Sanford and Son”, Redd Foxx on stage act was very raunchy and over the top even way back in the 1950s and 1960s. Foxx performed on a lot of records. Loved him in the movie “Harlem Nights”.

Robbin Harris


Robbin Harris HBO special “One Night Stand” was classic material. Of course he was known for the his very popular Bébé’s Kids skit. Harris movie credits includes Harlem Nights, Do the Right Thing, House Party, Mo Better Blues, and I’m gonna get you sucka. Unfortunately he had an untimely death at the young at of 36.

Bernie Mac

8 funniest black standup comedians

One of the most epic comedy standup set on the classic Def Comedy Jam show was by the one and only Bernie Mac. Years later that set still brings me chills. The comedian that came on before Bernie Mac was booed off stage by the raucous crowd.

Bernie Mac came up next and quickly took command of the Def Jam audience. Mac was also one of four comedians of the classic Kings of Comedy Tour.  Mac’s credits includes The Bernie Mac Show, Oceans Eleven, Friday, Booty Call, Player’s Club, Mr 3000, Guess Who, Soul Men, etc. At the time of his death, Bernie Mac was a the peak of his movie career.

Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby was one of very few comedians that rejected using profanity during his standup set. Cosby’s delivery intelligently brilliant. Cosby was best known for the hit “The Cosby Show” aired from 1984 to 1992. Cosby’s credits includes I-spy, electric company, Fat Albert, Let’s Do It Again, Uptown Saturday Night. etc.

Chris Rock


I love the way Chris Rock implement serious topics as well as political issues in his standup sets. If you really process Rock’s dialogue, He is actually stating the truth about society’s issues and concerns in a light hearted comedic way.  Rock’s credits includes Saturday Night Live, Head of State, Everybody Hates Chris, Grown Ups, Top Five etc.

Eddie Murphy


What can I say about Eddie Murphy that has not been said? Murphy is one of or at least the best comedian ever as far as movies and his net worth. Murphy has an impressive movie career and extensive catalog. Murphy’s credit included Saturday Night Live, The Nutty Professor, Bowfinger, Norbit, Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop, 48 hours etc.

Dave Chappelle


Coined at one time, the “funniest man in the world” Dave Chappelle’s delivery and timing in his standup set was sheer impeccable. The legendary “Chappelle Show” took Chappelle’s career to new heights. Unfortunately the “Chappelle Show” only lasted 3 seasons. Chappelle credits includes Half Baked, The Nutty Professor, Con Air, Blue Streak etc.

Richard Pryor


Richard Pryor paved the way for most of our up and coming comedians today. Pryor laid out the blue print for today’s comedians. Richard Pryor is everyone’s favorite comedian and he was ahead of his time. The most influential comedian of all time, Pryor did it all. His credits includes, The Toy, Stir Crazy, Silver Streak, Blue Collar, Every which way is up, Superman III.

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