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9 Tips On How To Properly Take Care Of Your Hair Weave

We all know that black hair weave styles are the quickest way to change your look! With your real hair tucked away, weave hairstyles prevent everyday wear and tear. They quickly and seamlessly add body, volume, color, and length to your hair.

You can keep your natural hair and rock a permed or relaxed look or you could do the exact opposite and rock “synthetic dreads” or other twists and locks hairstyles while maintaining a relaxer.

There are also cons to having black hair weave styles! It can’t all be good. They tend to be expensive and some of the bonding methods used can be damaging to your hair if they are not taking care of properly. We will learn all about the different hair weave techniques and how to care for them so that they last without causing any hair loss.

Selecting the right extension for Your Black Hair Weave Styles

  • Know your brands and save money by sticking to one that you like. For the longest time, I thought all hair extensions were created equal. I would simply go into a beauty supply store and select whichever hair was on sale! The saying, “You get what you pay for,” holds true for weave! Do your research and once you find a brand, stick with it so you don’t waste money buying hair that you are going to want to rip out in a few weeks. Some brands shed and tangle more than others and some offer more realistic textures. The most popular brands for black hair weave styles are:
  • Sensationnel
  • Sensual
  • Bohyme
  • Black Diamond
  • Outre Premium
  • DreamWeaver
  • Ego
  • Saga by Milky Way
  • Plan ahead before you arrive at the beauty store. Look at some black hair weave styles pictures and have an idea about what color, wave pattern (if any), and length you want. If you don’t do this, then when you get to the store and see all the different colors, styles, and lengths, you will be more likely to walk out of there with something you are not going to want after your hair is done. You also may have more luck finding what you want online. This way you can be sure that you will not simply settle for what is available. The beauty supply stores are not guaranteed to carry what you are looking for. You could also call ahead and ask them.
  • Match your hair color! Please do not try to rock a number four and you have black roots because you don’t want to dye your hair for whatever reason! Just get the number two.
  • Match your texture! The best textures for black hair is perm yaki. I do not prefer silky, bone straight extensions. some women don’t want to wear hair that came off an animal, like the perm yaki. You have to decide which texture is right for you and your black hair weave style

Take the time to learn about the best type of hair weave for the hairstyle you are trying to accomplish.

Now That You have Your Hair Weave, Select an Application Method

Now that you have the perfect hair, you need to figure out how to attach it to your head! You can glue it, sew it, braid it or use other bonding methods such as fusion or the flexi-strand technique. Each one has its own pluses and minuses. Gluing the tracks in is probably the cheapest and quickest way to get that perfect black hair weave! You can do it yourself which really cuts down on the costs involved. The glue if applied to the track and placed either on your hair, or to a wig cap.

With quick weave hairstyles, your natural hair is gelled down and blown dry. It is later served as a base for the tracks to be glued on. For a more natural look, a hair weave closure is then applied at the top.

If you want to sew in hair weave, you can cornrow your natural hair and sew in the tracks to the braids or you could also do what is called a net weave. With this technique you have a braid that goes around your head and serves as a foundation braid for the net to be sewn into. After the net is in place, the tracks are applied to the net.

Taking Care of Your Weave

Here are some useful tips I have picked up on how to properly take care of your hair weave.

  • Use mild astringents in between washes. Witch Hazel and Sea Breeze are good ones.
  • When you attach your tracks with glue, do not apply heat directly to the glued area.
  • Use wide tooth combs when combing the tracks that are attached to your natural hair so you do not pull and tug your hair too hard
  • Avoid thermal styling the weave with too much heat. If you burn your extensions, you are stuck with them.
  • Use spray leave in conditioner
  • Be sure to distribute shampoo and conditioner evenly throughout the hair and do not try to bunch hair together during washes
  • You must apply moisturizer to your weave because it cannot receive any of your body’s natural oils as it is not attached to your scalp. It easily becomes dry, damaged, and brittle.
  • Since most weaves tangle, wrap your hair up at night to prevent having to work through tangles and knots in the morning.
  • Do not brush your extensions too hard! You will damage your own hair and you could disturb the bondage that holds them in place.

9 Tips On How To Properly Take Care Of Your Hair Weave

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