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African American braids – A statement style


African American braids – A statement style

Hair braiding is a part of African-American community and culture. Having its origins in Africa, the African American braids are also referred to as cornrow braids. The braids have indeed covered a long journey from those days of slavery and entered into today’s pop culture. Long associated with the black community, the roots of those braids go deeper than they look. There are ancient clay sculptures from Nigeria that show cornrows adorned head. The traditional African hairstyle shows close braided that moves in upward motion and creates a continuous, raised the row. The braids may follow simple, straight lines or arrange in complicated geometric designs.

The African American braids are used to express religion, status, age, kinship, and ethnicity. The braids were a way of connecting with their heritage as well as asserting independence. Moreover, the hairstyle looked neat and firm for the African slaves as they worked on the plantations. The black hairstyles carry historical connections to African cultures.  The long thick hair when braided reflects the multiplying power of profusion. Many tribes of Africa braided their hair to send messages to the gods. Braiding is seen as a reciprocal act among the tribes and seen as a bond of friendship and brotherhood. These tribal customs related to braiding convey the cultural significance among the African tribes.

African American hairstyles are seen in diverse ways and style. American men and women have thick black hair with tighter and smaller curls. Unique hairstyles have developed over the years. Today, the YouTube videos reflect the natural hair movement taking place in the African American community. The maintenance of the African American braids in different hairstyles are a multimillion-dollar industry. Most salons and shops specialize in weaves and cornrows, and there are websites that are entirely dedicated to the hairstyles followed by the African American community.

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