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Are Most Americans Dissatisfied With Presidential Options?


To be honest, the answer to this article’s title is obvious. This country is very dissatisfied with our presidential candidates. Maybe there should be change in the political voting and campaigning system/process. We all are aware there are far more qualified individuals that can lead our country.

Without monetary funds for campaigns, our presidential options are very limited. I am not sure what plans, policies and agendas either candidate has proposed for this country. Clinton supporters are voting for Hillary Clinton because they oppose Donald Trump. Donald Trump supporters are voting for Donald because they oppose Hillary Clinton.

81% of respondents stated they are not comfortable with either presidential candidate in office. 25% respondents said they would not feel safe if Hillary Clinton won the presidency, and 33% said they would feel afraid if Donald Trump won the presidency. 23% respondents said it does not matter who wins, they are afraid if either of the candidates win.

When it comes to voting for the presidency of our country, are we at the point where our options are only about picking the lesser of two evils. If so, this is not for the betterment of our country.

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