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Are Black Athletes Successfully Scared


I’ve always admired watching how much fun Cam brings to the game of football. Dapping, smiling, dancing, and handing out footballs to young children. It provides the No Fun League (NFL)  dare I say, with a little fun! On the other hand, there are critics that would classify it as show boating. Well to each it’s own.

Again, I like Cam Newton, but this dodging of racial questions on his last two interviews is rather puzzling. In an ESPN interview with Trey Wingo, Newton was asked what did he think about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick‘s protest of the national anthem.

Newton said he does not support or disagree with Kaepernick’s protest. Kaepernick stated in a prior news conference that he is protesting for injustices on police brutalities, unfairness and the inequalities of black, brown and poor people in America.

As a black man, how and most importantly, Why would you utter such a thing. Stephen A Smith (commentator on  ESPN’s First Take) said something a friend and I have discussed many times over.  If you have all of this money (60 million guaranteed) what are you afraid of? Newton’s family, his children’s children will be financially secure for generations to come. What are you scared of?

How much can you sell yourself out for branding purposes? In an interview two weeks ago, Newton claimed there is no longer a racial issue in America. Newton was not treated very well in College while attending the University of Florida. So he chose to transfer to the University of Auburn.

In the NFL critics did not like his dancing and dapping, there was  a racial undertone associated with the criticism. I can for sure tell you black people did not have a problem with Cam’s touchdown celebrations.

From Newton’s passed experiences in his personal life with racism and the black community as a whole, why would you not support Kaepernick’s protest. People are not requesting you sit down and protest during the national anthem. It was just an interview. A very diluted and disappointing interview. Let’s call it what it is. Being a brand before being a man.


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