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G.O.T. Foundation, Inc.


Black Entrepreneur Spotlight Series

Tami Jackson
G.O.T Foundation, Inc.
Founder & CEO
Main: 480-452-9982

We would greatly appreciate it if you could tell us a little about your company.

My company, G.O.T. Foundation, Inc. is a reflection of the GiftOfTime message and was founded in my late daughter, Brittani’s memory. She was the epitome of strength, courage, determination and inspiration as she fiercely battled a terminal cancer diagnosis at the age of 16yrs old.

Our journey together taught me to celebrate and take FULL advantage of the Gift of each day and we absolutely maximized life post-diagnosis. We witnessed many miracles together, some defeats, many laughs and tears alike. But overall, she was a true inspiration and beacon of light to all who came to know her. It is my goal and mission to honor my daughter’s life and legacy by utilizing the GiftOfTime message to continue inspiring people around the world with the many lessons and gifts that we received during our journey together.

What was your child hood aspirations?

My childhood aspirations varied from wanting to be a doctor, to a lawyer to a real estate agent. In my early twenties, I realized that I  loved motivating and inspiring people and really connected with reading and sharing positive quotes as well as speaking positive life over others. I’ve always had a desire to make a positive impact but never really quite figured out how that would or could translate into a business until my journey brought me there.

Can you give our readers a quick answer on business advice?

1. I’ve learned that failure is part of the process and part of the journey in any business, small or large.

2. Be conscious and aware of the fact that the fear of making a mistake can be a limitation as well as the fear of success. Either can and will you back.

3. Your gifts will absolutely make room for you. Your purpose will chase you!

4. and I think this is the most important advice I’ve received over the years. Don’t chase the money. Chase your mission. Chase your impact. The money will come when it is not your only intention. Life is about so much more than being seen and heard. I always ask the question, what is your impact?

What was your toughest challenge?

Fear! My own personal fears of failure have been and sometimes are the biggest challenge to deal with as a small business owner. Another challenge has been in recruiting and retaining the right people on my team who

1. Believe in the brand and mission

2. Who are also willing to give of their time, talent and energy into helping to grow and build at a grass roots level

3. Finding genuine, intentional and consistent support. Lastly, sometimes the lack of support from family and friends can be a heavy burden to carry and I’m sure many others in business for themselves have experienced the same crossroads. But I’ve learned that when you are called to do anything in this life, not everyone in your current, immediate circle can go with you. Sometimes you have to go at it alone and you have to be ok with that. But again, your purpose will chase you!

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