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The only black woman who owns her bank in the United States

Kiko Davis is the only black woman who owns her own bank. She is only 48 years old. The Detroit- based independent bank is among the top ten privately owned banks in United States by the blacks.

She connects with people genuinely bearing in mind she is a leader. She once said in an interview that what makes her outstanding is that she inspires the African American culture. She has a natural talent within her.

Kiko Davis’s inspiration

Kiko Davis gets her inspiration from Shirley Chisolm. She was a congresswoman. A black woman being a congressional representative was a big deal back then. Shirley Chisolm also vied as a presidential candidate in 1972. Kiko Davis favorite quote by Shirley Chisolm advocates for equality. The quote fights racism and campaigns for feminism.

Donald Davis, Kiko Davis’s late husband was also her inspiration. She has made sure that his legacy is up to date by creating a foundation that has a name under her late husband’s name. It shows how much his husband meant a lot to her.

How to be successful

Nothing comes easily in life. You have to sacrifice and make as many risks as possible to make it in life. Kiko Davis confirmed this. The mistakes that you make in life today are supposed to be lessons in future. The hardships that you go through should be your stepping-stones for you to become successful.

Kiko Davis advices people to have positive attitude in whatever they do. Eat healthy, exercise daily, get enough rest and be determined. If you follow all these rules, you will be very successful. Clear mind helps you to make the right decisions. If you have a lot in your mind, you will not make it. Do one thing at a time and commit everything to .God. A prayer a day keeps the devil away.


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