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Book of the Week “Orgasmic Living, The Journey”

Book of the Week “Orgasmic Living, The Journey”


Book of the Week "Orgasmic Living, The Journey"


What inspired you to write this book?

 I have been so grateful for the information I have been exposed to over my life. Most of the information I received came from listening to books or through studying teachings.  All of which was in some form of writing. This may not mean much to most because reading is like breathing. But just like those with lung issues that make breathing difficult, reading was difficult for me.

So obtaining the information was a challenge at times for me. Some where along the lines, I realized my comprehension was deeper with audio or in person learning and my INNER standing of the information was opening a powerful path. For me creating a short 30 minute read was the goal.  Along with giving access to other to the information I was exposed to and the gifts that come with it was my motivation. I didn’t meet my 30 minute goal, but I definitely got the information out.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Definitely one of my favorite questions ever asked. Talking to your younger self is powerful.  I would and do tell her that her voice is magical so don’t hide it. You are and always have been enough, worthy and people want to hear from you. No need to shrink. You will constantly find out that people you thought did not see you were paying close attention. You will be told how much they always respected and appreciated you.  You will be blown away by how many times you will be told “I always knew you were something special, I always knew you were going to do something great”.

What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?

 That’s a hard question, to really think about the best money I spent as a writer. I would have to break it up in to three items. 1st the weekends away to my favorite resort in Tucson AZ at the Westward Resort. My time spent there was about relaxation to release and allow the flow.  A good chunk of my book was created sitting in a chair on my balcony in my comfy draws or after walking through the Labyrinth after setting my intentions. Not to mention taking a break to swim, soak up the sun and reset. Water always creates a priceless calm for me.

Your mindset is so important, at least to me it is. My words are great, but nothing like the words that flow when I am aligned.

2nd would be the proofreader from Fiverr. I am gifted with words, but not grammar, punctuation or spelling. ORGASMIC Living definitely has a conversational flow to it. I was tested in 6th grade and labeled dyslexic & ADHD. Later to find out that probably wasn’t 100% accurate. What I know is I was told my entire elementary career, writing was not a good look for me. Yet it calls me and always has. I just tell folks expect typos and enjoy the message. I think I spent under $150 to get what amounted to a book with 350 pages proofed.

The last but not the least was a tie between the photoshoot for the cover and cost for publishing & printing the book. Both were profound moments. You will have to get the book to learn about the cover and OMG shoot. So I will speak on the power of seeing the process through. While this too is in the book, there is nothing like holding the end results in your hands. When we 1st have an idea there is process that must be followed to obtain it. No matter how long or quick the process is, the process will take place. There is nothing like having your 1st book in your hands. Truly a dream come true.

What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

 There was a moment a while back where I was in a battle with my ego. I was feeling inadequate and doubting my ability to make it happen.  I felt like who was I to write this information and what made it valid. Then a very loving and compassionate voice said  “you have been studying for the late almost 25 years. Michelle you started making content and videos in 2012. Stop waiting to get there! Look up and see you have worked hard to be where you are”.

I share this because I have been seeking the truth for a long time. In the book I wrote about how asking questions in church got me in trouble regularly. I started studying and researching in high school, but Pandora’s box opened in college & in my twenties. I went on a Spiritual self discovery mission. I met several authors through their audiobooks and my world exploded. The journey I took to find and validate myself, led me to the information I could not keep inside or keep to myself. During the writing of this book my reading and journey continued to evolve and my outline for The Sinner, book #2 was created. My research is never ending daily practice.

How many hours a day do you write?

 The amount of time spent writing depends on the environment I am in and the MOOD I find myself in. I wish I had been more disciplined about daily writing. But truth be told I may have had a different book if I had. Because it evolved while I was writing it.

What was your hardest scene to write?

 The hardest areas in my book to write were the ones where the truth was in my face and I was finally giving them light. It is easy to convince yourself of this and that. But what you are honest and speak the truth about something you have been sugarcoating, it can be a lot to digest. I guess for me it’s a vulnerability that can open the door up to judgment, shame, guilt or a truth that may knock the wind out of you. There was one moment I left the book to go talk to my sister. A powerful paradigm shift took place. There was also the chapter where I allowed the reader to watch as I was led down a path of uncertainty and possibly heart break, to share my personal growth and awareness.  Definitely not an easy space to publicly share.

What is your favorite childhood book?

I absolutely loved and love a WRINKLE IN TIME by MADELINE L’ENGLE My Mom read it to me religiously.  Which is crazy because she is a devout Christian and loved the book herself. Until we went to the theater and she could see it was based in Quantum Physics.  If you know the book or movie then you will inner stand when I say, I AM Meg!

Book of the Week "Orgasmic Living, The Journey"

Michelle LLC BIO

 Michelle LLC is a Transformational Speaker, Author, Trainer, and Coach. She specializes in Thought Retraining, Personal Energy Empowerment, Social-Emotional Learning, and Healing of the Inner Child.  Michelle’s passion is to speak life into the lives of others.  She discovered her purpose, gift, and ability to activate the light within others at an early age of 12 years old. In 2005 Michelle founded The Divine Vision Center for Healing and Self Discovery. Her goal is to share the path, tools, and experiences that opened up her own healing and self-discovery. Michelle has recently released her new book ORGASMIC Living which is 100% leading edge and innovative. Her audience is always empowered to live the life they deserve and desire.

Michelle has assisted audiences and clients in identifying and releasing blocks, enabling them to unleash the unconditional love within. This, allowing them to live the lives they desire and, more importantly, deserve. She is an exceptional trainer on innovative and leading-edge topics.


Throughout Michelle’s career, she has helped 1,000’s to activate a new inner standing of themselves. Whether she is brought in as a speaker, consultant, trainer or coach, she brings and creates a synergy that is paramount.  It is her passion and goal to re-empower the imagination and encourage creativity so Spirit’s love may flourish. Her unwavering commitment to invest in the beauty and power of each child shines through in every interaction she has.




Orgasmic Living The Journey, is a fresh look at what has been written about since the 1930’s, but very rarely talked about. With so much information out there on manifestation & personal empowerment, Michelle LLC always felt like something was missing. She thought the issue was within her. Michelle spent years seeking knowledge and the solution to fix the issue.  Only to find out she was not the issue, but the solution and it was within her all along.


Trapped in the good opinions of others and the painful experiences that replayed over and over in her heart and head. Pleasing others at the cost of herself wasn’t the answer. Finding validation outside of herself pushed her further away from the love and life she desperately deserved and desired. It was when she woke up one day and realized she was the reason and the solution.

There was a natural balance that was disrupted within her and this needed to be corrected.  Years of study led her to glass doors where she could see the life that was awaiting her but couldn’t reach. She was getting to the threshold and the doors were slamming shut. She finally saw IT and INNERstood something that was so simple… Once she INNERstood the ORGASMIC energy was ready and flowing, she too was ready for ORGASMIC Living.  She discovered the keys that had been hidden in plain view and vowed to share them with the world.


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