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We built Ancient Kemet, We Can Rebuild Our hoods

We built ancient Kemet, we can rebuild our hoods

We were once the builders of civilization

Hello fellow Kings and Queens! When I see this beautiful architecture I see “US” and what we have been and our autonomous and vast capabilities. When the ancient city of Kemet or ” black land” was constructed it was with intention. Unlike modern day Egypt it was a very fertile land along the Nile River ideal for growth and agriculture.

Hence great landmarks were constructed like The Giza pyramid,Great Sphinx and Valley of Kings. Paulo  Coelho quoted that “when you want something,all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” In order for us African Americans in 2017 to duplicate the splendor and majesty of ancient Kemet we must be bold and intentional about empowerment.

My goal for this blog is to provide meaningful content followed with action steps to financially and mentally embolden the black ethos. Real estate, direct business ownership, and cash flow will enable us to invest in our neighborhoods and return them to a place of serenity. Looking forward to connecting with you all, Anwar K. Williams, Mr.313 Real Estate.

Author, Business Owner, Mentor, and Public Speaker. He is the author of the book, Make An Excuse to Succeed. Anwar’s book is about inspiring and changing the mindset of talented people who are fearful of stepping out and starting their business to be bold and think on their own.
We built Ancient Kemet, We Can Rebuild Our hoods 2
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