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What Can We Learn From Kevin Durant’s Return to OKC

What Can We Learn From Kevin Durant's Return to OKC 2

On Saturday night Feb. 11, 2017, Kevin Durant returned to Oklahoma City after playing for the Thunder franchise from 2008 to 2016. Although Durant’s return was highly anticipated, it never reached the levels of Lebron James return to Cleveland during his time as a Miami heat. We all can learn a thing or two from professional athletes in their  quest for change, greatness and championships.

Sometimes change may be a good thing

For the most part. People do not embrace change very well. Change can be scary. The fear of the unknown is a powerful thing. Being content is most comfortable with a lot of people, including myself. Sometimes you have to just take a chance. It will not be easy, but then again, you don’t want to leave your regrets on the table. I personally think everything is working out well with Durant. He seems to be happy with his new team (Golden State Warriors). In his case, maybe change was a good thing for him. Sorry OKC Thunder fans.

Don’t always anticipate the worse.

What is the first thing people say when a superstar bails on his team and returns home to play that former team? Will he get booed? How loud will they boo him? How long will he get booed? When will he get booed. It was constant rumors, speculation and anticipation leading up to Durant’s return. As I listened to the reception of Durant’s return, the boos were mundane at best. Even in Durant’s post press conference, he quoted “I thought the boos were going to be louder” I don’t think the boos were bad at all, I think deep down a lot of OKC fans still have a lot of love for KD.

Be honest and upfront

Trust me, we all need to work on this one. No one is perfect. Durant should’ve met with Westbrook man to man, face to face. Durant at the least should’ve givin Westbrook a call and told him he would be leaving and explained why. That is easy for me and a lot of you guys to say. Although Durant was in the wrong, I think he really struggled with being honest and upfront with Westbrook. Eventually we all mature, get older, wiser and learn from our mistakes on how we handled certain situations. Hopefully one day Durant and Westbrook will talk out their differences.

Controlling your career

Fans assume Players/Superstars should stay with their original team/employer. Somehow doctors, lawyers, engineers, basketball coaches, football coaches etc, are exempt when making career changes and choices. When an athlete choose to go to another team, all h-ll breaks loose. I want to reiterate again, I did not like the way Lebron or Durant left their respected teams, but they had the right within their means to do so. They should not be vilified for making a career move, people change careers,companies and locations every day.

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