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What We Can Learn From the Mississippi State Women’s Basketball Team

What We Can Learn From the Mississippi State Women Basketball Team

I have to be honest, I am not a big college basketball fan anymore. In my younger days I was really into the college basketball scene. As we get older and require a lot of responsibility, it increasingly becomes a little hard to keep up with everyday current events. Unfortunately on this day March 31, I was home feeling a bit under the weather. I was watching a couple of NBA games, and suddenly on the sports ticker, I saw the women’s final four semifinal game between #1 Connecticut Huskies (which by the way was on an 111 game winning streak and hadn’t lost since November of 2014) and the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

In last years women’s college basketball tournament, the Connecticut Huskies defeated, (well let’s be honest) beat down the Mississippi State Bulldogs, in the sweet sixteen round 98 to 38. Wow, talk about not being fair. After changing the channel to ESPN2, I was treated to one of the biggest upsets in sports history. “What a game”. A year later the Bulldogs met up with the Huskies again in the semifinals and defeated the mighty Connecticut Huskies 66 to 64 in overtime with a buzzer beater by star point guard Morgan William. What a difference a year makes. We can learn a lot from these young ladies and their coaching staff. Good luck against South Carolina. Lady Bulldogs.


After a loss of 98 to 38 in last years tournament to the Huskies, the Lady Bulldogs were very aware of what happened against the mighty Huskies. Someone even posted a sign on one of the weight room’s window with the words 60 points on it, acknowledging that they were embarrassed by their loss.

Make Adjustments

As in life, we all must make adjustments, pivot, or keep our minds open for different ways of improving our ideas, concepts and strategies etc. After returning back to campus, the coaching staff reviewed the game tape. It took them an hour just to go through the first 10 minutes of the tape. Who knows how long it took them to review the whole  tape. This is what it takes to study your opponent to gain an edge.

Game Plan

Game Planning is simple but yet not so simple. Everyone has a game plan. Game Plans can be easily altered by your opponent. The best way to win against your opponent or even in everyday life, is to stick to your winning game plan. This year the Lady Bulldogs stayed true to who they were and did not let the mighty Huskies dictate the game play. The Lady Bulldogs set the tone of the game from the start and for the most part stuck to their game plan.


Anyone will tell you. Do not let your confidence waiver. The Lady Bulldogs were beat by 60 points in last years tournament by the mighty Huskies. They knew this was a new year and last year was long gone. Before beating the Huskies, the Lady Bulldogs also beat the #1 seed Baylor women’s basketball team.

In life, we all have our ups and downs, but we most never give up, and at the same time keep our confidence. So I wanna solute the Lady Bulldogs for facing their basketball hardships of a year ago and beating a dynasty in the Connecticut Huskies, 111 games in a row is a record that  probably will never be broken. Thank you ladies for one of the most exciting lady college basketball games in history.

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