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Choosing the Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Choosing the best hair extension for short hair is not as easy as it seems. When choosing for the best extension for short hair there are many factors to consider like, length as well as the thickness of your short hair, natural color of your hair and how long you want your hair to be. When adding hair extensions to your short hair, you must blend it well with your natural hair so that no one will notice that you have hair extensions. People believe that to blend your hair perfectly with the extension it will depend on the hair extension quality and the expertise of the stylist. Before deciding on the type of hair extension, you should first consult with your stylist.

When choosing the best hair extension for short hair, be realistic. When having cut your hair too short and you do not have anywhere to attach the extension wait for your hair to grow because there is no way you can glue the extension to your scalp. This can bring many complications. However, if your hair is near your shoulders in length it will be very easy to add hair extensions using any of your favorite methods.                   Ribbet-collage13

Hair extensions have many options like clip-in, glue-in, or sew-in. All these kinds of hair extensions are available in your local beauty store in either natural or synthetic hair. If you have never bought extension hair before, it is good to use clip-in because they are the easiest and risk free choosing. Natural human hair extension is the best, because it can be styled with hot tools, but synthetic hairs will be impossible to use in short hair because it cannot be blended with hot tools, it will be burned.

There are types of hair extensions for short hair that are glued or fused with heat. It is however very tedious to glue strands of hair to short hair, but it looks very natural if the stylist is well experienced. If the stylist is not well versed, there will be traces of glue in your hair. Fusion is the best method to add extensions in small hair, but it is very expensive.

People who have short hair should avoid clip-on hair extension and weaves. These two methods work better for people. These methods are, however, the cheapest, but their results are not satisfying when applied on short hair. Before you select on the kind of hair extension you would like for your short hair, it is good to consider the color of your own hair and the length of your extension.

If you select very long extensions for your short hair, the weight might be too much for your short hair. On the other hand, if you choose an extension whose color is far from your natural hair, the line where the natural hair ends and your extension starts will obviously show. This makes it easy for people to see that you have added extensions to your hair. Choosing the best hair extension for short hair is easy once you follow the above guidelines.

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