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Why cold fusion hair extensions are the best?

Why cold fusion hair extensions are the best?

Cold Fusion Technology (CFT) is designed to eliminate heat and glue in your hair loss treatment. It uses ‘cold’ ultrasonic pulses to bond ‘V’ shaped keratin tips around your hair. The ultrasonic waves are not audible and this hair loss treatment is not uncomfortable.

The bond sits comfortably near your scalp while being virtually invisible. You will even forget you are wearing a wig. You will realize that this flat bond will spread the hair out, and will give a flat appearance. You will also observe that traditional ‘rolled’ hair extensions and can make the hair extension more of a tube. The Hair extensions remain fairly fixed while in use and later can be slid off without damage to your hair. Old hair extension bonds will see a few hair extensions fall in some days and this is quite normal, but they might need some maintenance.

Advantage of Cold Fusion Hair Extensions Vs Hot Hair Fusion Extensions
Cold fusion hair extensions last longer as compared to the ones using hot fusion. The Keratin-based polymers are flexible and the result is natural looking hair extensions that will not be stiff with cold fusion extensions.

Ideal for:
· Thin or very fine hair
· Tone down Extra volume
· Afro-Caribbean
· European hair

If you want to achieve natural looking human hair extensions, cold fusion hair extensions are the best option for you. These kinds of hair extensions will give you a longer, thicker and plumper hair than before. They will probably last for 3-6 months.

Why should you get Fusion hair extensions?

· They are long lasting
· They give a natural feel to the hair if applied correctly
· It adds volume and length to your natural hair.
· The hair is applied closer to scalp thans hot fusion.
· Cold Fusion is best for short hair.
· As there is no heat application, straightening irons and hair dryers are not required and will not effect the hair extension’s longevity

Always have it done by experienced professionals. As cold fusion hair extensions are pricey, they should be removed professionally. You can try the Great Lenghts or SHE hair extensions.

About the Author:
Jasmine Bilimoria is a research writer and contributor with Guci Image. Guci Image is a New Jersey-based hair loss treatments and Hair Extensions center, whose worldwide services and technologies are aimed at resolving any kind of hair loss problems.


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