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Could I be pregnant?

Could I be pregnant?

Pregnancy is said to be the growth and development of the fetus, in a woman’s womb, which results in the birth of an offspring, usually after 40 weeks of conception.There is only one sure way that a woman can know that she is expecting, as she is totally fine tuned with her body and is aware of the typical symptoms.

There are instances, when a woman is not aware of her pregnancy for months after conception or until they have missed a period. There are many other signs of pregnancy like, implantation bleeding at the time of period. A missed period is therefore considered to be a reliable sign, though in rare cases women have periods throughout the pregnancy. So the day of a missed period is the time you can go for a pregnancy test.

The pregnancy test is an indicator of the level of hormone secreted during pregnancy in your urine. The best results are obtained between the 4th and 5th week of pregnancy, when the levels of secretion will be found to be different. The test results are time tested and proven for accurate results.  The only negative result is if the test is done too early or there is a miscarriage.

Pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman, and though a missed menstrual period is an early sign, there are other indications too which could be inferred as such. Nausea, combined with early morning sickness are also known to be the very early signs of pregnancy, even before a missed period. Tiredness and easy exhaustion could also tend to make women believe they are in the family way.

Pregnancy, usually, brings about many changes in the body of a woman, which as a result are displayed by an array of symptoms. By paying close attention to one’s body the answer whether you are pregnant can be found easily. Certain changes like loss of taste towards food a woman used to admire or increase in intake can all be due to hormonal changes prior to pregnancy. The increase in basal temperature, which is the usual temperature of your body at the time of waking up, is a clue indicator of pregnancy. If the basal  temperature of the body shows an upward trend for two weeks, then it is more than likely that you are pregnant.

In some women, early signs of pregnancy can be gauged by feeling mild cramps in the uterus. This could possibly be due to the pressure exerted on the stomach by the crowding of the intestines, which results in enlargement of the uterus. This in turn gives a continued feeling of bloating and indigestion.

While pregnancy itself is beautiful, the host of unpleasant symptoms associated with it can cause a little discomfort. Always keep in mind, though, to have a healthy diet and keep on constant touch with your doctor, to offset any problems. This is the least you could do for you and your developing baby.

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