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How to Create Your Own Book Online

How to Create Your Own Book Online

A few years ago, the average writer would spend countless hours working on a manuscript and then send it off to a publishing house. They’d wait anxiously for a reply. Often, it would take several months before they received an answer.

Today the publishing world has changed. More and more writers are self publishing their work online. Many find that Kindle or self publishing a PDF is an easy way for them to create a book and expose it to the world. Here is how to create your own book and market online.

Getting Started

First, it is important to already have a topic in mind. For example, you are thinking about composing a non-fiction book on a hot topic. Perhaps, you have a dozen articles on computers or starting an online business.

Each article is approximately 400 words. Take those articles on computers and sort them into categories or topics. For example, Troubleshooting Windows 10, Introduction to Windows 10, Hardware Tips, Software Tips. Each category or topic is going to be a chapter in the book.

File them away on your desktop. Open a word document and start writing a brief introduction to the book, copyright information, date of publication, disclaimers, and publisher.

How to Create Your Own Book

Take all those tips and break them down into chapters on a word document. Don’t forget to proof the entire document several times. Check the spelling and grammar with spell check and with your own eyes.

Now end the book with pertinent contact information, your website URL, email, request for reviews. Now, it is time to publish the book. There are two courses of action to take at this point. You could turn that word document into a PDF and distribute to people via your website for free.

Set up a payment method and sell the book via a sales page on your website. Next, announce your new book on social media sites with links back to a download page on your website. This is by far the easiest way to get your book out to the public.

If you are purely interested in gaining credibility about your knowledge on a topic, self publishing in this fashion is the best way to go. However, if you would like to gain fans, audience, credibility, and earn some cash, publish with Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes & Noble, Or Lulu. The advice expressed here is suitable for publishing your non-fiction book or a fiction book.


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