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Creating A Luxury Bathroom: 5 Ways, From Big Budget To Easy Cosmetic Fixes

Creating A Luxury Bathroom: 5 Ways, From Big Budget To Easy Cosmetic Fixes

A bathroom is no longer just that space in your house where you take a bath. Over the years, it has become so much more than that. For many, it’s that special place in their home where everything from beauty and relaxation is achieved. It’s no wonder a lot of homeowners direct great attention toward bathroom design.

There many ways to deck out a bathroom. If you have a generous budget, the possibilities are endless. If your funds are low, there’s also a multitude of truly creative DIYs to consider. Therefore, it goes without saying that creating a luxury bathroom is a project you can take on at any budget – you just need to be resourceful and open to new ideas.

If you want some ideas for upgrading your bathroom, here are five that you can try.

1.  Change the layout

If you’re ready for a big bathroom renovation, a change in the layout could make the bathroom not just more visually appealing, but also safer, more convenient, and more functional.

Take the time to study how various components of the bathroom would work better if they are placed in new locations in the room. Perhaps you’ll be able to save electricity by placing the shower and tub near the windows, which is a great source of natural illumination. Or, there may  be more privacy if the bathroom counter is moved away from the door.

2. Create a variation of lighting fixtures

Illumination in the bathroom is crucial and there are plenty of lighting ideas to consider. But to achieve a truly luxurious feel, try combining different lighting fixtures, especially if you have a spacious bathroom.

Consider a chandelier, recessed lights, lamps, and even candles. Not only will these enhance the style of the bathroom, but they can also create the right ambience for any activity you wish to carry out in the bathroom.

For a long hot bath on a cold night, dim light from a lamp and scented candles would be perfect for setting the mood. For a “get ready with me for the gala,” illumination from a crystal chandelier will definitely put you in the right mindset.

3. Replace bathroom hardware

Get as creative as you can with taps, showerheads and other types of bathroom hardware. Gold, copper and brass options are quite in trend; ditto with baroque style metal and wood fixtures, according to top builders of luxury homes.

These new implements can automatically take your bathroom from simple to stunning.

4. Add more mirrors.

If you just have a small bathroom and you want to create the illusion of a more spacious room, mirrors are the affordable solution.

However, the illusion of a bigger space is not all that mirrors create for bathrooms. A carefully placed looking glass enhances illumination and provides a more sophisticated appeal to the room.

There’s a vast selection of bathroom mirrors to consider – from framed options to standing ones. Choose a combination that goes perfectly well with your personal aesthetics and functional requirements.

5. Substitute typical bathroom components with up-cycled items.

Creating a new purpose for certain items can make your bathroom truly unique. If you’re working with a tight budget, you can do without the pricey bathroom elements sold in stores and replace them with other materials that just need a few treatments to perform the same function or achieve the same appearance.

For example, a washbasin or sink can be replaced with a big ceramic bowl from a garage sale or even an old tin vat. An old whiskey bottle can also be up-cycled to serve as a hand soap dispenser. Unexpected bathroom implements like these can make your bathroom creatively elegant.

There’s an abundance of strategies you can use to elevate the look, feel and function of your bathroom – you truly are only limited by your imagination. Explore them all to see which would work for your dream space. To ensure the perfect execution of these strategies, invest in the services of professional bathroom remodelers.


Robert Allam is the Finance and Sales Manager for Trendsetter Homes. Through his journey from being a Sales Consultant then Office Manager, to assuming his current role, Robert has seen the company grow and has guided many clients through the process of developing their dream of a unique luxury home.




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