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How To Curl Natural African American Hair


How to curl natural African American hair

Carrying a natural hairstyle is the recent style for women of African descents. These natural hairs tend to be coarse and tangy which has always been the reason for applying chemicals to soften, straighten or curl it depending on the need. However, many people right now prefer to keep it natural without the chemicals. But the truth! It is not always easy, but you can achieve it after reading this article because I will be telling you how to curl natural African America hair.

If you are an African descent, you may have been looking for different ways to achieve sexy curls without having to damage your natural hair. The fact remains that your hair texture is not the type of hair you can apply heat on regularly without damaging it. So the questions are how you can get what you desire without regrets. Fortunately, your black hair naturally grows into a curling pattern so what you need is to add curls to the hair and that becomes the simple part.

There are many methods which you can use to curl your African natural hair but let’s discuss how you can use a good curling wand to achieve your aim.

Curling hair with heat

Yes, I know that the texture of your hair doesn’t need much heat, but you can achieve it with little heat if you know what to do. Follow these simple steps and do the magic.

  • Buy the appropriate curling wand

Before you start the whole process of curling your African American hair, you must know that your tool will matter for best results. Your hair texture is not soft, but you want to make it attractive, so you have to pick the best curling wand for your hair.

If the curls you want are those bouncy curls that are big, you will get a wand that its width is above 1 inch. If you prefer smaller curls that look like rings, get a thinner one.

Don’t forget, if you have a stubborn hair, you have the option to get the best curling iron for hard to curl hair. So no matter what you want, you can achieve it with the right tool.

  • Comb your hair

Before you achieve that curly natural look, you must detangle your hair. Don’t forget that if you fail to do it, you may find it hard to complete the next steps.

  •  Divide it into sections

After detangling, you have to part your hair into sections depending on how many you want. These sections will make the whole process easy and simple. It will enable you to get to the roots of your hair and also get to the back.Apply the heat protectant.

  • Apply the heat protectant

Don’t forget that black hair doesn’t like too much exposure to heat. To protect your hair, get a heat protection cream or spray and apply to your hair to minimize damages.

  • Preheat the wand

Set the heat from 350-370degrees Fahrenheit and allow to heat for 2 to 4 minutes before you start. Don’t forget that the aim is to make the wand hot to curl but not to damage.

  • Curl strand by strand

Pick a hair strand and start curling. When you wrap the strand on the barrel of the wand, hold it for 10 seconds. Remove and hold the hair for few seconds and leave it for the next strand. Continue like this till you are through the whole hair.

  • Set the curls

After curling the hair, apply some gel or hairspray so that your curls will last for a long time. Yes! You don’t want to shine today and look tattered tomorrow. So make them last by holding them with a good gel or cream.


Achieving a good set of curls on your hair is not difficult if you know what to do, the tools you need and the steps to follow. Instead of admiring others, you can also look sexy and attractive by turning coarse hair into something different.

Just follow the simple steps I have outlined here and start looking and feeling good.

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