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David West’s Years of Unnoticed Anthem Protest

David West's Years of Unnoticed Anthem Protest

David West is one of the most liked and respected veterans in the National Basketball Association. When I mention respect, lets just say some of the NBA’s biggest bullies dare to even think about physically challenging David West, on or off the court. West has mentored many NBA players throughout his career, Playing the role as big brother etc.

Due to the Colin Kaepernick’s protest in the NFL, many are wondering which NBA players (particularly stars) would take a stand and protest the Nation Anthem. Weather it was media or a random fan, we shouldn’t be surprised that someone was paying close attention.

It was not reported on who noticed West’s protest during the National Anthem at last night’s game against the Toronto Raptors. Golden State Warriors players stood on the straight line and pledge to the National Anthem. Meanwhile, West stood two feet behind the line. Later when asked about West’s protest to Coach Steve Kerr and Warriors forward Draymond Green, both stated they never noticed.

Maybe perhaps this is the action preferred by Kaepernick’s critics. In West’s defense, he has been protesting for years, ever since his days with the New Orleans Hornets (currently Charlotte Hornets). West said Chris Paul would always try to get him to get in line with the rest of the Hornets players to no avail.  West states, his protest is about various topics/subjects, education, economic inequality, mass incarceration, the healthcare system etc.

“My work speaks for itself,” West, 36, told The Undefeated. “I’m a part of grassroots organizations. I’m about getting outside of this celebrity. Letting people get a real perspective. It’s not just about the corrupt police inside what is supposed to be a serve and protect system. That’s only a small piece of it.”

The Toronto Raptors also linked arms together in protest of police brutality. West’s protest maybe quietly unnoticed, but I still commend this brother. He has never wavered since his playing days in New Orleans.

courtesy of The Undefeated

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