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The Digital Divide 101: Internet Basics

The Digital Divide 101: Internet Basics

By: Gloria Mullons

The Digital Divide is the gap between those who have ready access and knowledge of how to use computers and the Internet, and those who do not. The reality is that Minorities, Low-income persons, Low Literacy persons, Seniors and Disables persons are impacted the greatest by the Digital Divide.The Digital Divide 101: Internet Basics

The World Wide Web has transformed how society communicates and conducts business. As consumers we are directed to websites for: online banking, health related information, online portals for parents to check children progress in school, government services, transportation services, research, online degrees, shopping, and entertainment, just to name a few ways daily activities have been routed to the internet.

The average person needs to understand the basics of utilizing the Internet. The following website provides Internet tips Another tip is general Internet navigation

Below are steps to create free e-mail account to communicate personally and professionally:

  • Creating a Google e-mail account

  • Creating Aol account
  • Creating Yahoo account

  • Outlook account


Lastly a list of internet terms that beginners need to know

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