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What Does Empowerment Actually Mean?

What Does Empowerment Actually Mean

The term “empowerment” is often used without understanding what it really means.  Empowerment is defined as a social process that is multi-dimensional and allows the people to gain better control over their own lives. The people are allowed to live in their communities and society by acting important issues. It is more about building confidence and developing personal skills to analyses relevant situations and be able to communicate freely and more efficiently on the matter with others.

The goal of empowerment

Empowerment is a goal for many individual, groups and organizations. However, it is essential to recognize empowerment and discuss what it is all about. The possibility of empowerment relies on two things, the power to change and the power to expand. Empowerment is not possible if one does not have the power to change. It is important for one to reflect on what they think about power.

Power is often looked upon as making other do what one thinks regardless of their interests. Traditionally, it is more about influence and control, and this would mean a power that is rigid and unchangeable. However, empowerment as a process of change. Power cannot exist in isolation and gets created in relationships. When one hears the word power, they think about control and domination. However, empowerment is much more than that as it challenges ones’ assumptions on what things are and what they can be. It is more about achieving, helping and succeeding.

Within a group or community, empowerment is about building effective communication, fostering co-operation and strengthening trust. There must be possibilities created for people to exchange their views and share information. People get ready to take on new responsibilities and encouraging new activities for the benefit of the local community. It is the responsibility of the empowered to contact the vulnerable and weak in the society and make them feel empowered. Communication & co-operation should be transparent and positive to bring on empowerment.

Understanding of empowerment can vary among many disciplines and areas such as education, economics, psychology and community development. It is seen that the meaning of the term empowerment is mostly assumed rather than being explained or understood. Thus, it is essential to formulate a common understanding of empowerment and recognize it when on works alone or in a group. Empowerment is a multi-dimensional social process that allows one to gain better control over their lives and make a positive change in thieves around them.

Certain components allow a better understanding of empowerment and the social process occurs in relationship to others. There are several dimension to it such as psychological, economic and sociological. It is seen that empowerment can work at different levels such individual, group, and community. The process is very much like a journey that progresses when one works through it. The multi-dimensional social process helps to develop mutual respect among the members and strengthen their own values and beliefs. The focus is more on the making a positive connection between individual and community.

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