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How to enjoy Belize rainy season

Welcome to Belize, one of the most popular getaways of the Caribbean islands!

Get ready to explore lush jungles and sun-soaked islands as well as the picturesque towns here. Whether you are a laid back traveler or an adventure lover, there is something for everyone here in Belize. And, the fun doubles when you visit Belize in the rainy season.

Explore the main highlights of the whole country bordered all the way out to the Caribbean Sea. You will come across jungle lodges, unforgettable animal encounters, and Mayan ruins during your vacation. However, due to weather preferences, you may want to visit Belize depending on what you want to do. The tourism high coincides with December to April, the cool and dry seasons. Still, there are many tourists prefer to visit Belize in the rainy season.

Belize rainy season is like much of the Caribbean. The sea and the weather are warmer, and with the air more humid during the months of August, September, October, the chances of rains are high. You may get surprised and see stormy clouds rolling in after a gorgeous sunny morning. Moreover, those heavy rains knight lash around for an hour or so and the bright sun will be back in the sky. The weather is spontaneous and beautiful during the rainy season Belize.

How to enjoy Belize in rainy season

If you want to enjoy Belize in the rainy season to the full, you should come in a bit prepared. Carry a small umbrella and wear a light rain jacket as you never know when it might start pouring. The locals prefer wearing plastic disposable ponchos. Always carry zip lock bags to protect your camera or phone in case it starts raining. It is a must to wear waterproof non-slip sandals that are comfortable to walk and won’t slip. Crocs will be perfect for the trip.

Although the monsoon season is the low season in Belize, you can certainly make the trip an exciting one. With lots of rain and a thunderstorm, you might have to give up the idea of scuba diving and snorkeling. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to sulk in your hotel room. Get out and enjoy a warm cup of coffee in a cozy little get-away. Or, you could go for a yoga and meditation class in a rainforest environment and enjoy some peaceful moments amidst the sounds of those trickling raindrops!

Make a trip to the National Institute of Culture and History House of Culture to learn about the little island history and check out the exciting displays. You can always prepare yourself a great meal of fresh veggies, local produce, and fruit. As Belizeans are lively and warm people, they are always ready for drinking and dancing and being merry. You can have fun here any time of the day or night and no matter what season.

Enjoy your time in paradise and make the most of those rainy days in Belize. Belize in rainy season indeed offers a great experience and special time to do some offbeat things to do and enjoy!

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