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Everything You Want To Know About Tape In Hair Extensions

Everything You Want To Know About Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions is the latest trend of hair extension on the market. Those thin tape wefts are roughly one inch wide and pre-taped hair wefts. Today, these hair extensions are the most in demand across the salons worldwide.

This is because using the extensions means a 100% sage and natural method. There is no need for any special tools or chemicals, and the process lasts for three months and takes less than an hour to apply on the head. The best part is that the hair is reusable and there is zero damage to them or the head.

Because of the growing demand and popularity, one comes across a wide range of tape in hair extensions available in the market. However, one should only head for those salons that carry the expertise in providing excellent hair care and use the best quality in extensions.

The hair is collected from healthy women and goes through an elaborate process to create the perfect hair extension. Go for the process and product that guarantee top quality and great customer care.

Women with thin hair often worry if they can use tape in hair extensions if they have thin hair. Well, there is good news for them! Now they can say good bye to those bulky clips. Those thin tape extensions keep your hair protected from damage and breakage.

Discuss your hair condition with your hairstylist as to what kind and method of single sided tape can work in your case. Instead of applying two tape wefts together, the single sided method uses one piece of single sided tape and one tape bond and to add weight and volume to your hair.

One can wash their hair and get blowouts down without ruining those extensions. The strong tapes are extremely durable and will last as long as you take good care of your scalp and the hair. You can go for swimming or workouts without any fears of your extensions coming out. With proper care and application, the hair extensions can last for three months and re-used.

There are already many Salons offering procedures for tape in hair extensions. Ask for the quality of hair, as well as the guarantee under their warranty policy. Those extensions will stay in place and will not damage the hair if properly installed and maintained.  Just keep in mind to get them installed from leading stylists with trained professional experience for the best results.


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