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Everything you want to know about Virgin Brazilian Hair

Everything you want to know about Virgin Brazilian Hair

Virgin hair is that hair that has never been chemically treated, processed, permed or colored before. They are not actually from Brazil. The term Brazilian basically refers to the texture.

They are smooth and shiny. They are very versatile which makes them so popular amongst women. This type of hair is natural which blends completely with your own hair and gives them that extra voluminous and thick look. As these are human hair in its natural form, hence they are called virgin.

Brazilian hair bundles are of high quality that will last you for a long time and will be worth the investment. These hair bundles are available in all types like straight, curly, wavy, and thick and so on.

For thick and luscious hair, wear these extensions and let the people guessing your secret for your thick and voluminous hair. As they are completely natural, they do not look like cheap nylon hair extensions and definitely look natural as they blend perfectly with your hair. These bundles also come in various colors and different cuticle length up to 16 millimeters.

How to know if your extensions are real or synthetic? Virgin hair is actually human hair and the cuticle is still intact with the hair. Some deceitful hair sellers may try to sell off synthetic hair extensions which may look convincingly real but, are actually imitation. The best technique to check if the extensions are real or not is to burn it. If it is synthetic then it will melt and you will know that you’ve been ripped off by the hair seller.

Virgin Brazilian Hair is quite costly but those who prefer quality over money then, they are the best option. Synthetic hair extensions are cheap and are the affordable option but, they do not feel the same as the human hair extensions. As they are very expensive and you probably would want them to last you for a while, then it is very important to take good care of them.

Detangle them, wash them at least once a weak and apply argon oil. It is recommended to air dry them. Styling tools are your biggest enemy. The more you use it, shorter the life span of the extension becomes. You should also avoid using products that are high on alcohol content. Healthy hair extensions will make your hair look shiny and voluminous. Flaunt those luscious hairs and make heads turn when out in the town.






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