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Food For Thought “Ordering Real Eggs”

Food For Thought "Ordering Real Eggs"

Have you ever had a friend that always wanted something done a particular way. I am sure you have, we all have our pet peeves about something right? Well I have a friend name Joan. When Joan and I started hanging out on dates, I would ask her what were her favorite foods. Let’s just say after the third or fourth date, I found out Joan was kind of picky with food. She finally admitted that she loved seafood. I’m sorry “Fresh Sea Food” or fresh food period.

So one day we were hanging out at a local restaurant and I ordered an omelet. Joan says to me “You know you can order fresh eggs” I was like uh huh? She explained, “instead of ordering the powdered eggs/commerical eggs that comes out of a carton, you can actually order real eggs at any restaurant and they must serve you fresh eggs”. Now this is probably old news to you guys, but myself, I had know idea. Of course I teased my friend Joan of being too uppity with her fresh eggs. So later that evening I did a small research on ordering fresh eggs in a restaurant.

I found out some interesting health worthy information that I would like to share.

Many restaurants use processed eggs. Unfortunatley these eggs consist of obesity additives, artificial ingredients and chemicals. Stay away from milk carton based egg products if you are trying to lose weight and fight off the calories. 90% restaurants has real stocked eggs, waitresses will serve you fresh eggs as long as you are specific. Hopefully when I am out for breakfast again, I will remember to ask for real fresh eggs.

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