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Four Bad Cell Phone Habits You Should Eliminate

Four bad cell phone habits you should eliminate

Bad behaviour, no matter what the source, is the root cause of developing a setback in a loving relationship, rising in career and overall happiness in the family. If at any time you have felt that people around you are not at ease and happy in your company, then you know you are infected with a bad habit.

These days our society is completely wrapped up in cellphone technology, which in itself  is not so bad, as it actually helps us to reach out and interact with others through Twitter and Facebook. What matters though, on whether or not you are interfering with the people around you.

You may be an iPhone addict, texting messages, watching You Tube and checking mails. What you should keep in mind is that this ability to digitally connect with those out of sight should not interfere with the privacy of the stranger or friend who is in front of you. Some of the four most annoying cell phone habits, and how to improve your cell phone etiquette are explained here.

Letting your cell phone charge overnight

There are many people, who, for as a result of plain laziness or just convenience, plug up their cell phone device for charging before going to bed each night. Not only can an overcharged phone harm your handset, you are using up precious electricity as well which is sheer waste of resources.

Not keeping them in silent mode on specific occasions

When you are going to the movies it is better to turn off your phone or keep it in silent mode. Many people do not do this and actually allow their ring tones to play away with utter disregard to others around you. The same applies for other confined spaces too like, hospitals and crowded rooms.

One word response to text messages

Though text messages are never meant to be long, a one word response also should be avoided due to various reasons. The person at the other end may infer that either you are showing no interest or you simply think that he is not so important. Mesages are meaningful, so each message sent or received is important. It is better to expand and explain as much as you can.

Being totally engrossed with your phone

Owning the latest trendy handset makes the owner aching to learn every single detail of the applications on offer. Over a period of time, this interest starts receding in some individuals, but not all. These persons remain constantly engrossed in their device, watching YouTube, texting or plain fiddling around totally unaware of the people present who may prefer to do something else.

You may try hard as you want, but these devices have an invisible grip on the people holding them. It is difficult to hold back the urge, especially when you know the call is important. Once you have acquired the necessary willpower, things will improve, and so will your cell phone habit.

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