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Free or Cheap Car for Single Moms

 Free or Cheap Car for Single Moms

Being a single mom can be a tough job. Having a vehicle can relieve a lot of stress and pressure, plus save a lot time when escorting your child to and from doctor’s appointments, daycare and school activities etc.

Cars are very beneficial

Without a working vehicle, day to day operations and planning can be a huge task. Public transportation is suffice, but waiting times can take a long while. Not having a car to find employment or get to work can also be a challenge. Navigating around your child’s schedule without a car maybe time consuming.


There are programs that will assist single moms with the purchase of a free or cheap car to help them take care of their daily chores.

Sells donated repaired cars for single moms. Cars are valued from $2000 to $4000

Single moms only pay 500 dollars to cover the title and fees. offers a 6 month warranty.

  • Women With Drive Foundation

Only offered in the Chicago Metro area. Single moms must commit to two years with the Women with Drive Foundation in exchange for a free vehicle. This includes anything from planning and participating in activities with Women With Drive Foundation or on the job training.

This program is only available in Maryland, D.C., Washington and Virginia. 5,190 cars have been provided to single moms since 1999. Cars in the programs averages around $750 and comes with a low interest guaranteed loan.

  • consist of single moms filling out an application and telling their stories, other participants are able to vote on the best story. The party with the most votes will have a car donated in their name. Family and friends can vote as well.

Cars can also prevent family isolation. Families can endure more precious moments together riding to and from their project destinations. Also being a caretaker for a relative or an elderly person is another beneficiary of having a vehicle. Helping family and friends is a great advantage of owning your own vehicle.


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