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Getting pregnant at 40

Getting pregnant at 40

There is widespread notion that getting pregnant at 40 years of age is not only difficult but not advisable medically. There are higher risks of miscarriages, complications during pregnancy and the couple have face difficulty in conception. Moreover, the research studies display that the fertility rate flowerers with age and the females are likely to need medical or surgical intervention to get pregnant. Thus, there is no denying that getting pregnant after 40 lowers the chances of pregnancy and raises the chances of complexities.

The pros
Well, the truth is that pregnancy at any age carries advantages and disadvantages. There are some positive aspects of getting pregnant at 40. To begin with, when one decides to become a parent at an older age means one is more experienced and mature. The couple is financially secure and comfortable in their career, and this allows for a solid foundation in order to raise a family. The older mothers are better educated and make healthier nutritional choices for their children. Having a child in 20s and 30s means an extra pressure of balancing your career, the family and making time for children. Thus, the major advantage of getting pregnant after 40 is that one is financially and emotionally secure, and this is good for the baby.

The Cons

Getting pregnant at 40 and having a bay has its downsides. The woman is likely to need extra care during her pregnancy, and she is placed under high risk if she develops health problems. There are higher chances for the mother to experience high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, placenta praevia and pre-eclampsia. The baby may get placed in an awkward position at birth or may get born with a low birth weight. Diagnostic tests are required during pregnancy for genetic conditions or any chromosomal problems in the baby that raise the risk of miscarriage.

Nevertheless, if you have crossed forty and want to have a baby, there is no reason why you should not get the best chance for a normal pregnancy. There are ways to follow to enhance your chances of enjoying a healthy pregnancy and have a healthy baby. You can make positive changes to your lifestyle, and if you smoke and drink, it is essential to cut them out and keep a healthy weight. Make sure that your body is getting sufficient supply of nutrients and caloric intake. Increase your consumptions of fresh fruits and vegetables and keep away from caffeinated beverages and soft drinks. Keep your body tissues hydrated and healthy with an increased water intake. Any stress, anxiety, and worry can lower the chances of fertility, so develop a hobby or meditate regularly.

See your doctor if you have sexually transmitted diseases, polycystic ovary syndrome and irregular periods, as those medical problems can make it harder for women to get pregnant at 40 years. It is essential to see a fertility specialist and get started with the blood tests and investigations. One should face the reality that with advancing age. The quality and quantity of egg go down, and one must be ready to face the challenges that come along with getting pregnant at 40 years of age.

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