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Gold’s Gym Apologizes to Pear Shaped Women


Really? Did the advertising committee/agency for Gold’s Gym seriously signed off on this ad campaign? The first amendment of the constitution states every citizen has the rights to free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, . Then again, we are in America and sometimes there are repercussions for what you say and display. I love our healthy curvy sisters and I will definitely not apologize for it. I thought we were over the fat shaming thing. When will people grow up? Gold’s Gym received heavy backlash for their body shaming, sexism tactics via social media. Of course Gold’s Gym apologized via their Facebook page.

Words cannot express how shocked and appalled we were by the recent posts of Gold’s Gym Dreamland, a sub-franchise in Cairo, Egypt. Not only were they offensive and disgusting, they go against everything we believe in and stand for. For years we have been dedicated to helping people feel empowered by fitness, not intimidated or ashamed by it. We believe that strength comes in many forms…be it physical, mental or emotional…and that our purpose (and rallying cry) is to help people Know Their Own Strength.

Upon learning of this sub-franchisee’s insensitive posts, we immediately took action by working with Facebook to have their page removed. Also, after consultation with our master franchise in Gold’s Gym Egypt, we are in the process of expediting the termination of this sub-franchisee’s agreement. This incident only confirms that Gold’s Gym Dreamland does not uphold the values and inclusiveness that Gold’s Gym promotes throughout our global network.

With all of this said, we sincerely apologize for these posts. Even though they were created and posted without our knowledge, they were associated with our logo and there’s no excuse for that. We are currently reviewing our internal procedures for how both domestic and international franchisees create and share social media posts so that nothing like this ever happens again.



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